Some Times We Tweak Windows Registry Editors To Fix Certain Issues or Enable Hidden Features. As Windows Registry Are the Essential part of Windows computer, Any Wrong modification can Cause different Issues for your windows computer. That’s why Take Backup of windows Registry is very important before make any changes. Here We discuss How To Take Backup of Windows Registry and perform Restore when needed.

What is Windows Registry ?

On Windows, Registry editor contains all configurations and settings used by components, services, applications, and almost everything. It also stores other third-party applications’ settings. Windows Registry have Two Basic Concepts keys And Values, Registry Keys are objects that are folders, Values are a bit like the files in the folders, and they contain the actual settings.

Why Windows Registry Backup is important ?

Most of times install / Uninstall Third party Applications, Corrupt Windows Registry Entries. Also some times Virus / Malware infection cause Corrupt missing registry which Cause Different Errors problems on Windows computer. Or while manually make changes on windows registry ( tweak Windows Registry ) If some thing goes wrong you may face deep trouble. To fix this type problems we recommend to Take backup Windows Registry, So that we can restore the good state copy when needed.

How To Backup Windows Registry

After Understand What is Windows Registry, How It works and Why its important to Take Backup of Windows registry before make any changes. Lets See how to Backup Windows Registry.

First open Windows Registry by press Win + R, Type regedit and hit enter key. This will open The Windows Registry Editor. Here you can Take Backup of Entire Registry or backup a specific registry key.

To Take Backup of Entire Registry navigate Computer located at the top left-hand side of the registry, Click on file And select Export.

Or you can Backup only a specific registry key, By drill down to the folder, Right click on it and select Export.

Backup Windows Registry
Backup Windows Registry

Next Select the Drive location, Where you want to save the Backup Copy. ( We Always Recommend To save Backup Copy on External Drive ) Name the File as you wish ( fox Ex reg backup ) Change the export range selected branch to all then click on save button.

save Windows Registry Entries
save Windows Registry Entries

This Will save current sate of windows Registry Entries to the backup File. Wait Flew minute the complete the process. After That You can open the desired file location where you save the registry backup to get the backup copy. That’s all You have successfully Created A Backup Copy of your Windows registry.

Registry Backup Through System Restore point

Also you Can Create A System Restore Point On your windows Computer which Take a snapshot of current Windows Settings include Registry Entries. When ever after registry modification you face any problem you can perform System Restore to get back previous settings.

Restore Windows Registry Entries

After Take Backup of Windows Registry Editor you are free To Tweak and Modify them. If any of time you feel after modify or delete specific registry key, windows not function properly you can perform registry restore to get back the previous settings.

You Can Restore Windows Registry by simply double-click the backed up .reg file, to directly add it. Or you can Manually Add them by click on File, Import Navigate to the backed up file. Click OK to the confirmation prompt. This will import the settings from old backup.

import registry backup
import registry backup

That’s all You have successfully added the Missing registry keys, Reg file have been restored or added to the Windows Registry.

I hope After Read This Post How To Backup And Restore Windows Registry you can Easily Take Backup of windows Registry. Or perform Windows Registry Restore when Needed. While Perform this Action if you face any difficulty Feel free To Discuss Comments Bellow. Also Read Fix System Restore did not complete successfully on Windows 10.