How to Change the Display Language in Windows 10

You can change the default display language of your Windows 10 from English to any other language. Here we walk through steps to change the default English language to Hindi ( (you can change it to German, Spanish, italic and more.

While installing or setup Windows 10 you are asked to choose your system language and you can change the same later. If you are looking to change the current system language on Windows 10 here is this post we have listed the steps to add remove or change the system language from English to one of 140 other languages on Windows 10.

Change System Language Windows 10

Pro tip: If you’re using a Microsoft account, the language settings will sync across devices. That’s why we recommend disabling the option to sync these settings before making any changes.

To disable language syncing on Windows 10,

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  • Open settings app using windows + I keyboard shortcut,
  • Click on Accounts then Sync your settings.
  • Here Under the “Individual sync settings” section, turn off the “Language preferences” toggle switch.

Turn off language preference sync

Now follow the steps below, to add and change the system language on Windows 10.

  • Right-click on windows 10 start menu select settings,
  • Click on Time & Language then Click on Language.
  • Now click + add preferred language button,

Add preferred language

Pro Tip: With the latest Windows 10 version you can click add a windows display language link to get download language pack from the Microsoft store as well.

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Now Search for the language that you want to use on Windows 10 and select the language package from the result.

Search new language

Click the next button, then checkmark on Set as my display language option, Then click on the Install language pack option.

Install language

This will take a few minutes to download the language pack and apply it.

language installing

  • Once done Windows ask signout to fully apply the new language, click yes sign out now.

Apply language settings

When you sign in back you will notice the change across the entire Windows 10 experience.

Switch default language on Windows 10

In case you want to change the default language and want to revert back to English follow the steps below.

  • Open settings then Time & Language,
  • click language on left-hand side,
  • Then under Windows display language select your preferred language.

switch display language

Remove a Language From Windows 10

If you have added more than one language and may not want to keep all of them on your computer then you can remove languages following the steps below.

Before removing a language, you must select a different language as the default. You cannot remove the current system language. All you need to do is select another language as the default.

  • Open settings then Time & language,
  • select language on the left-hand pane,
  • Now under preferred languages select the language you don’t want to keep there,
  • Then click the remove option and follow on-screen instructions.
  • Once done you need to restart your PC

Remove language

Also, you can remove the language pack using the command prompt as well. To do this

  • Open the command prompt as administrator,
  • Then type command Lpksetup /u and press enter key.
  • The Install or uninstall display languages dialog box displays.
  • Check the box for the language you want to uninstall, click Next and follow on-screen instructions.

Windows 10 won’t change the language

Solution – 01

If you receive an “Only one language pack allowed” or “Your Windows license supports only one display language” message, you have a single language edition of Windows 10. And you need an upgrade to either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

Here’s how to check your Windows 10  language edition:

  1. Select the Start button, select Settings About, and then scroll down to the Windows specification section.
  2. If you see Windows 10 Home Single Language next to Edition, you have a single language edition of Windows 10, and you can’t add a new language unless you purchase an upgrade to either Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro.

Solution – 02

  • After the language pack is installed:
  • Move to the administrative tab then click copy settings,
  • Here Checkmark on  “Welcome screen and system accounts” and “New User Accounts” if you desire.
  • Click ok to make save changes.

Change language settings

That’s all about, Add or remove and change system language on Windows 10. Still need help feel free to discuss in the comments below.

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