DearMob iPhone Manager, or iOS manager review

If you own an iPhone you may basically use iTunes to manage the transfer, sync your Data Data between your iPhone and Windows/Mac Device. But The problem is Apple’s iTunes and the iCloud backup have certain limitations, To Across these limitations and unlock the advanced functions DearMob iPhone Manager (An ultimate file management solution or iTunes alternative) comes into play. Which is specially designed to Transfer All or Certain iPhone Data to Computer for Backup Without iTunes as well as edit tracks, videos, podcasts or create iPhone full backup. Let’s take a look at more functions of the applications include pros and cons.

DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is an easy-to-use iOS manager (Or you can say perfect iTunes Alternative of 2018) for Windows and Mac works in conformity with iPhone or iPad powered with iOS 11.4.1 (also support for the latest iOS 12 beta) or earlier. That Offers all the basic iTunes features, along with its own set of unique features to transfer iPhone iPad data with encryption method which gives you a variety of access to transfer, backup, and manage all your iOS files (photos, music, videos, and books, as well as backups, data recovery and much more) on PC with one click.

As Apple product is especially known for its security, and DearMob iPhone Manager is the world’s 1st iPhone manager that uses U.S. Military-grade encryption to transfer iPhone and iPad data to and from your Mac/Windows. Moreover, you can easily create and edit backups of the data stored on your iDevice. At the same time, you can delete, add and edit pictures and videos on your iPhone without too much hassle.

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Download And install DearMob iPhone Manager

DearMob iPhone Manager is a small software that you can install on your PC just like any other software. Visit DearMob iPhone Manager official site, Download and install (MAC/Windows version) the application on your system. Once installed, open the software, and to start managing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, connect it to your PC using the USB cable and Authorize your PC to access your iOS device data. To do this, simply tap “Trust” on the pop-up dialogue box that appeared on the connected iOS device. And enter the password you used to protect your iPhone/iOS device, wait a few seconds for this software to read the device. After successfully connecting the iOS device you can start managing the files/directories in it.

DearMob iPhone Manager Features

First of all The program comes with a user-friendly interface (looks modern and minimalistic) that includes tabs to the data that you are most likely to access. Simply put, from the main window you can access contacts, podcasts, Books, SMS, apps, calendar, bookmark as well as flash drive. In addition, you have quick links to the main functions of the tool, namely Photo Transfer, Music Manager, Video, and Backup. Everything looks great and there is no confusion. These types of user interfaces are the ones you can call perfect.

Dearmob iPhone manager

Easy to Manage, Sync and Transfer files, Photos, Music, Video

DearMob iPhone Manager allows to easily transfer iPhone data to computers like Music, Video(4k), Photo, Playlist, App, Contacts, SMS, etc between iPhone and Mac/ Windows 10/8/7.

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This Offers a powerful photo transfer feature, that loads all photos from your iPhone in easily viewable thumbnail format instantly. Here you can export, add, manage, delete photos/Album between iPhone and your Windows/Mac device.

DearMob iPhone Manager also Included support for automatic conversion of videos and music to iPhone-compatible MP4, MP3, or AAC formats, HEIC photos to JPEG, iBooks in EPUB to the more widely compatible formats like PDF, DOC, TXT.

Offer music syncing feature to make sure that your music library is in sync every time you put in new music onto your iPhone. Just connect your iPhone and launch DearMob. Now drag and drop the music files that you want to transfer to your iPhone and click on the sync button. In just a matter of minutes, all your songs will be available on your iPhone.

Using DearMob iPhone Manager Not only you can easily export videos from your iPhone to your desktop, but you can also transfer any video files from your desktop to your iPhone in minutes. And The best part of this application is that even if you have a video that is in a format that is not supported by Apple, you can just click on the handy convert button to convert the video into an Apple-friendly MP4 format. There is also .m4r ringtone conversion support for uploading ringtones using any audio file, and the ability to upload contacts as a VCF file.

DearMob includes a feature for bulk merging and editing iPhone contacts, too. And built-in tools for transferring iTunes movies, music, and books from Mac to iPhone without restrictions.

Also, The app not only allows you to uninstall multiple apps at once but it also allows you to install apps on your iPhone using the already downloaded .ipa file on your local computer.

Backup iPhone without iTunes

Another big part of DearMob iPhone Manager is the backup and restore features for iOS data that allows backup iPhone without iTunes. That Included the ability to easily create an encrypted backup of your iPhone data to your Mac. Just connect your iPhone to your computer and click on the backup button. DearMob will check all the files in your iPhone and will start backing up your data. Additionally checkmark the “Encrypt your Backup” option to encrypt your data before you back up.

DearMob iPhone Backup

Also, features to easily restore backups or individual files and data from specific apps. To Restore your Backup data, click on the Backup button and click the “Restore backup files” option. DearMob will show you a list of all the previously backed up data. You can select the one you want and then click on Restore. Depending on the size of the backup file, the entire process can take anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour.

DearMob iPhone Restore

Apart from the above features, the app lets you manage your books, podcasts, contacts, calendar, messages, bookmarks, and more. If even that’s not enough for you, DearMob also allows you to treat your iPhone as a flash drive, meaning you can easily transfer any kind of file from your computer to your iPhone and use it as a USB device.  This feature can be accessed by clicking the Flash Drive icon.

The software is available free to download for both Windows and macOS platforms for a trial, however, you will need to buy the license if you want to perform any action. The software is available for $39.95/year. The license is valid only for running on one machine. If you want to run the software on multiple machines, and want to buy a lifetime license it will cost you $47.95.

overall user experience with DearMob is among the best I have seen; it is easy, simple, straightforward, and I absolutely love the coherence you get throughout the entire program. It just goes to show how well the developers have implemented every single feature.  If you have already tried this tool, do share your experience and opinions in the comments below.

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