Windows 11 KB5030310 and Windows 10 KB5030300 Optional updates

New set of optional updates available for windows 11 and windows 10 with non security fixes, new features and number of bug fixes.

Microsoft recently released a new KB5030310 (OS Build 22621.2361) for Windows 11 version 22H2. This is a non-security update bringing several new features, improvements and bug fixes. The Windows 11 KB5030310 update enables Moment 4 features bring 150 new features including Microsoft Copilot, AI-powered paint and snipping tool, Clipchamp, revamped File Explorer, enhanced paint app with layer support and more. Also, there is a new KB5030300 (OS Build 19045.3516) available for Windows 10 version 22H2 with a number of bug fixes and improvements.

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Both of these updates are optional you can manually check for and install it or skip it. All these bug fixes and features will be included in the October 2023 Patch Tuesday update, scheduled for release in the second week of next month. Microsoft has also published the direct download links for Windows 11 KB5030310 and Windows 10 KB5030300 offline installers on the Microsoft Catalog blog. Let’s take a closer look at the notable additions and enhancements brought by this update.

Download Windows 11 KB5030310

This is an optional update, Microsoft won’t download or install the update on your system unless you manually click the Download and Install link next to the optional update.

Press Windows key + I to open settings, navigate Windows update and hit check for updates. You will notice this patch is titled “2023-09 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5030310)”.

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Download windows 11 KB5030310

Once the update is installed you need to reboot your computer to apply the changes. Also, you can download the Windows 11 KB5030310 offline installer here.

If you are looking for Windows 11 ISO get it downloaded from here.

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Windows 11 KB5030310 what’s new?

The latest Cumulative Update KB5030310 brings the so-called Moment 4 update to Windows 11 and advances the build number to 22621.2361.

Windows 11 KB5030310 Release Summary

  • KB Article: KB5030310
  • OS Version: Windows 11 version 22H2
  • Build: 22621.2361
  • Size: 601.2 MB
  • Release Date: 26th September 2023

Some of the interesting features introduced on Windows 11 KB5030310 include support for Passkeys, an AI-powered Microsoft Copilot, advanced capabilities in the Paint app like background removal and layers, an enhanced Microsoft Photos app with AI integration, an improved File Explorer, a built-in Cloud Backup Tool, the introduction of a new Outlook for Windows 11, and the addition of Auto Compose in Microsoft Clipchamp.

On a release note, Microsoft noted, the Windows 11 Moment 4 update brings 150 new features.

This update also brings fixes several issues such as Resolves issues with Excel, the Korean touch keyboard, and search box functionality. Improves sleep mode behavior after resume, Enhances iCloud sync with Outlook, and Addresses various other performance and compatibility issues.

  • Start Menu Recommendations: Personalized website suggestions based on browsing history.
  • Excel Sharing in Outlook Fix: Fixes unresponsive Excel when sharing as PDF in Outlook.
  • Korean Touch Keyboard Enhancement: Resolves auto-completion issue in the search box.
  • Search Box Tooltip Correction: Positions search box tooltip correctly.
  • Search Button Visibility: Ensures the search button remains visible in flyout box.
  • Sleep Mode Issue: Addresses “Windows Input Experience” window after sleep.
  • iCloud Sync with Outlook Fix: Improves synchronization of iCloud Calendar and Contacts.
  • Character Mapping Compliance: Adheres to GB18030-2022 requirements for character mapping.
  • Daylight Saving Time Support: Adds support for DST changes in Greenland.
  • Spelling Correction for Ukraine’s Capital: Corrects capital name from “Kiev” to “Kyiv.”
  • Account Lockout Event Format Fix: Rectifies format in ForwardedEvents log.
  • KDC and SID Enhancement: Enhances SID retrieval from certificate for KDC.
  • Event Forwarding Issue Resolution: Addresses event forwarding problems.
  • XPath Query Correction: Ensures correct matching of values in event records.
  • App-V Environment Copy Operation Fix: Restores copy operations in App-V after April 2023 update.
  • Microsoft Print to PDF Metadata Correction: Corrects author name in PDF metadata.
  • USB Printer Printing Issue Fix: Resolves compatibility issue with certain USB printers and Defender.
  • WDAC AppID Tagging Policy Impact: Addresses potential startup delays caused by tagging policies.
  • IMEPad End-User-Defined Characters Issue: Fixes IMEPad issue with end-user-defined characters.
  • Remote Apps Display Alignment Fix: Corrects alignment of elements in Remote Apps.
  • DTC Handle Leak Issue Resolution: Resolves handle leak in Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  • OneDrive Compressed Files Compatibility Fix: Prevents unresponsiveness with compressed OneDrive files.
  • User-Mode Memory Leak Correction: Fixes potential memory leak with CopyFile() or MoveFile().
  • Application Compatibility Issue: Addresses compatibility concern with Defender for Endpoint.
  • External Binding Failure Issue Fix: Resolves binding failure issue after certain updates.

You can read the complete changelog Microsoft support here.

Download Windows 10 KB5030300

This is also an optional update, and it won’t download or install automatically. To get the latest fixes and improvements you need to manually check and click on Download and install Windows 10 KB5030300 under the optional update section.

The update will appear as “2023-09 Cumulative Preview Update for Windows 10 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5030300)”. The patch is under the “Optional updates” section of Windows Update.

Press the Windows key + X and select settings. Navigate update & security then Windows update and click the download and install link.

Download Windows 10 KB5030300

Once the download and installation are complete, restart your computer to apply the updates.

Also, you can Download the Windows 10 KB5030300 offline installer from the Microsoft server here. If you are looking for Windows 10 ISO here is how to download the latest Windows 10 ISO direct from the Microsoft server.

What’s new on Windows 10 KB5030300?

Windows 10 KB5030300 Release Summary

  • KB Article:  KB5030300
  • OS Version: Windows 10 version 22H2
  • Build: 19045.3516
  • Size: 767.8 MB (64-Bit) 421.7 (32-bit)
  • Release Date: September 26, 2023

There are several bug fixes included in this update. For example, Microsoft addresses an issue that affects Microsoft Print to PDF,  Microsoft Defender stops USB printers printing and more.

  1. This update adds animations to a few icons on the news and interests taskbar buttons. These animations occur when:
    • A new announcement appears on the news and interests taskbar button.
    • You hover over or click the icon while the announcement is on the taskbar.
  2. Enhanced search box experience on the taskbar for easy access to apps, files, and settings.
  3. GB18030-2022 compliance, including character mapping adjustments for input methods.
  4. Support for daylight saving time changes in Greenland.
  5. Change of spelling for Ukraine’s capital from “Kiev” to “Kyiv.”
  6. Resolution of various issues, including those related to App-V, SCEP certificates, and Microsoft Print to PDF.
  7. Fixes for USB printers, device health reporting, and Windows Defender Application Control.
  8. Resolved problems with IMEPad, application compatibility with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and alignment of elements in Remote Apps.
  9. Improvements in toast notifications and handling of Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  10. Addressed potential memory leaks during file operations and usage of OneDrive files.
  11. Fixes for issues with external binding, LDAP queries, and authentication after certain updates.
  12. Solution for known ClickOnce deployment prompting problems.
  13. Resolved UI freezing in Windows Hello for Business after biometric authentication enrollment.
  14. Fix for Microsoft Excel unresponsiveness when sharing a file as a PDF in Outlook.
  15. Addressed occasional failure of the touch keyboard to open.

You can read the complete changelog Microsoft support site here.

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