15 New Features in windows 10 April 2018 update Version 1803

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Microsoft is almost ready to roll out the Windows 10 April 2018 update with a number of new features, improvements on the existing features, Bug fixes, and security improvements. If you’re on the Fall Creators Update, you can defer the update for a while, And wait for a more stable update, read a review from users then update. Or If you’re looking forward to the new update, make sure you’re well prepared your system for the latest windows 10 April 2018 update. Here this post we have collected some notable new features in Windows 10 April 2018 update v1803.

windows 10 April 2018 update new Features

The Windows 10 April 2018 update includes some new features such as Timeline, Nearby Share, Focus assist, Password recovery option for local accounts, Quick Bluetooth pairing, and more. Also include some changes in Edge, Privacy Settings, List App, Cortana Notebook, Settings app, and much more. Here is the complete list of New Features and Improvements in Windows 10 April 2018 update Version 1803.

Windows Timeline

Possibly the most anticipated new feature for power users is Timeline. It’s a visual timeline which directly integrated into Task View. You can move back into the activities of files and apps you were using in the past – up to thirty days’ worth.

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All your activities will be listed day-wise/ hour-wise, and you can scroll down to check all your earlier activities. If you select a particular day, you can then check the activities hour-wise. You can also clear all your activity logs from a particular day or hour. It will quickly become your go-to method for opening files you were previously working on or sites in Edge you previously visited. You can access it by hitting Windows Key + Tab or by clicking the icon next to the Cortana Search box on the Taskbar.

Near Share for Effortless Wire Sharing

The Near Share feature is similar to Apple’s AirDrop, and it allows you to share files and links via Bluetooth between your phone and PC. It comes in handy to share items between users during an office meeting instead of having to pass around flash drives so everyone has the right document.

With Bluetooth and Near Share turned on (from the Action Center), you can quickly share documents and more by pressing the ‘Share’ button in apps (or in Windows Explorer) – which will then display nearby devices you can send the file to.

Note – Please note that this feature uses Bluetooth and hence, you need to turn it on before sharing. Therefore, you can use Near Share to share web pages, photos, page links or files, etc.

Microsoft Edge Improvements

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The Edge web browser is also getting a hefty amount of updates with Redstone 4, as Microsoft continues to improve its software to compete with Chrome and Firefox. There are improvements to the redesigned Hub which provides access to Favorites, Reading Lists, Browser History, and Downloads.

There have been several new improvements to its handling of PDFs and eBooks which include sharing and markup features.

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Microsoft’s default browser will now be able to mute audio coming from specific tabs, bringing it up-to-date with the likes of Apple’s Safari.

Some other features such as the autofill cards, developer toolbar, enhanced reading view, clutter-free printing, etc. Every time you fill a web form in Edge, the browser will prompt you to save the information and let you use it as your Autofill Card. To get a clutter-free printout, you have to enable the clutter-free option in the Print dialog.

Edge will also get an updated look to match the Fluent Design theme of Windows 10.

Fluent Design Improvements

Microsoft’s new design language it calls “fluent” will be rolled out further, bringing a greater focus on light, depth, and motion in Windows 10. In this version 1803, you’ll notice more pronouncements to the acrylic translucency effects and reveal animations. All of this gives Windows 10 a more attractive and modern look. Many windows and menus you’re used to seeing will get a fresh lick of paint, and not only will Windows 10 look nicer, but the operating system will also be easier to use as well. And unlike Aero Glass in previous versions of Windows, all these new UI effects won’t be a strain on your GPU and other system resources.

Windows Diagnostic Data Viewer

Microsoft is trying to make Windows 10 more transparent by introducing more privacy options. The “Diagnostic & feedback” section includes a new setting Diagnostic Data Viewer. As plain text, it will show you information that your Windows 10 PC is forwarding to Microsoft. Moreover, it also displays every detail of your hardware device that is stored in Microsoft’s cloud.

You can find it by heading to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback. The tool lets you search and even delete diagnostic events. On the right-hand side, toggle On the slider Diagnostic Data Viewer. The page notifies that this feature can use up to 1 gigabyte of disk space in order to store the data on your PC.

Once you turn on the feature, click on the ‘Diagnostic Data Viewer button. This will take you to the Microsoft Store where you have to download the Diagnostic Data Viewer application free of charge. Doing so will let you view all the information. Furthermore, use the search to locate specific data or use the filter option.

Cortana Improvements

Cortana, your virtual assistant, will be more personalized now. The interface now comes with a new Organizer area which helps in viewing your reminders and lists. For discovering new skills like smart home controls, a separate place is set up now under a new Manage Skills tab. Now Cortana helps you pick up where you left off between sessions.

It is also able to connect the digital assistant to more devices in the home automation space. It has a list of sync abilities with Cortana on iOS and Android, too.

A new feature named Cortana Collection lets Cortana learn more things about you and help you accordingly. You can select your favorite restaurants, books, TV shows, etc., and put them into the Organizer. Cortana Notebook also has a new look with this version.  You can also use her to play music on Spotify.

Introduction of Focus Assist

The Quiet Hours feature lets you set rules so that the unwanted notifications don’t interrupt you anytime. But with windows 10 V1803 this has been renamed as ‘Focus Assist’ and is considered the best among the New Features in Windows 10 April 2018 update. This amazing feature helps you in concentrating your work with options like priority management.

Previously With Quiet hours, the feature was either on or off. With Focus assist, you get three options: Off, Priority only, and Alarms only. Priority only will disable notifications except for those apps and people you add to your priority list. Alarms only will disable notifications except for, you guessed it, alarms.

How to enable Focus Assist

You can also set automatic rules to enable Focus to assist during set hours, when you are gaming or duplicating your display (so that your on-point PowerPoint presentation isn’t interrupted). You can set up Focus assist by going to Settings > System > Focus assist.

Quick Bluetooth pairing

Connecting your Windows 10-powered device to Bluetooth peripherals is also set to be much quicker and easier in windows10 V1803, thanks to the new quick pair feature. When a device in pairing mode is within range of your Windows 10 device running the Windows 10 April 2018 update, a notification will appear prompting you to pair it. Click on it, and it will be accessible to your Windows 10 device. You don’t have to dive deep into Settings and Bluetooth options to pair the device.

At the moment this only works with Microsoft peripherals, but hopefully we’ll see devices from other manufacturers make use of it when Redstone 4 officially releases.

Password recovery option for local accounts

In previous Windows versions if you are using with local user Account ( not a Microsoft account ) your PC And forget your password it’s hard to restore the password because Microsoft offered password recovery help only for Microsoft accounts. But With Windows 10 April 2018 update, you can set three security questions for a local account, which you can answer if you can’t remember your password to retrieve your lost password easily..

Head to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options and click Update your security questions to set up your security questions.

App-by-app GPU management

If you own a desktop PC with a graphics card, you probably know that both AMD and Nvidia supply utilities whose functions include selecting which GPU apps you should use: either the economical integrated graphics chip inside your CPU or the power-hungry discrete GPU. Now Windows takes control over that decision by default. (Go to Settings > Display, then click the Graphics settings link at the very bottom of the page.)

Updated Game Bar adds new options.

Microsoft wants you to stream PC games via Mixer, and to help you do that, it’s revamped the Game Bar. Now you’ll find a clock (hurray!) as well as toggles to turn your mic and camera on and off. You can edit your Mixer stream title. Game Bar’s still a bit obtrusive at times, and could become more so, the more toggles and switches Microsoft is tempted to add here. But the new additions are useful.

Fonts in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft now allows you to download new fonts from the Microsoft Store. The Fonts folder on your Windows drive still works the way it does and it’s probably not going anywhere for a long time but the new Font settings are definitely better in terms of UI.

These fonts can be managed from your Settings menu, specifically Settings > Personalization > Fonts. While the settings allow you to preview a font in its various derivatives (regular, black, bold, italic, and bold italic for the Arial font, for example) it also allows you to adjust new, variable fonts like Bahnschrift. Clicking Variable font properties down at the bottom of the page allows you to adjust its weight and width.

Better support for HDR displays

Chances are that you don’t own an exotic, expensive, state-of-the-art HDR display. But Microsoft is looking forward to a day when both professional artists and everyday users enjoy a panel with higher graphical fidelity. Within the Fall Creators Update, Settings > Apps > Video Playback allowed you to toggle HDR support and apply processing power to improve the visual quality.

But now Within the Windows 10 version 1803, you gain a few new options, including calibrating your display (click Change calibration settings for HDR video…) that allows you to tweak the brightness of the display.

Windows Defender Application Guard comes to Win 10 Pro

Also known as WDAG, this feature used to be exclusive to consumer versions of Windows 10 but is now available for Windows 10 Professional users.

WDAG is an extra security feature in the Microsoft Edge browser that uses containers to isolate downloads to protect systems. Downloaded malware is stuck in a container and unable to do damage, which may make some administrators consider mandating Edge use in the office.

Bandwidth Limit For Updates: With Windows 10 April 2018 update In the Group Policy Editor, under Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Delivery Optimization feature: the ability to control app and Windows update bandwidth.

Settings Migration: More settings are migrating from the Control Panel to the Settings app. Noteworthy ones are; audio and sound settings, and where you can set Startup apps.

Cloud Clipboard: This is one of the most interesting features updated in the latest version of Windows 10. You can now copy and paste things between all your connected devices. As it is a cloud clipboard, you can use it on your phone on the Windows PC.

Startup Tasks: There is also a new Startup Tasks option added in the settings menu which lets you control the apps that run with the Startup. You do not need to open the task manager to control the apps anymore.

Of course, there are several other new features that you’ll discover as you start using this new build. All of the features mentioned above were noticed in various Redstone Builds and are expected to appear in the final release. Also, Read Fix your windows license will expire soon on windows 10

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