Some Times While trying to open either cmd.exe or Vlc media player you will getting the following message : The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000018. Click OK to close the application. Other applications seems to be working fine. This Error 0xc0000018 doesn’t appear to affect one application in particular but rather randomly affects different applications on different machines.

When the user encounters this 0xc0000018 error they face various problem including program lock-u. Slow PC performance, the system starts freezing, startup and unexpected shutdown problems, installation errors and hardware issues. It is very irritating and need to be fixed immediately.

Causes of 0xc0000018 Error  

  1. The hard disk has not sufficient space and this leads the error.
  2. Computer BIOS might be incompatible or it might need to be updated.
  3. Inaccurately configured, old, or corrupted device drivers.
  4. A device driver or a system service might be damaged.
  5. Due to third party program installed.
  6. Registry errors

How To Fix The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018)

There are plenty of resources that deal with the issue and it quickly became clear that the issue was not limited to Windows 10 but occurred for others on other versions of Windows as well.

Normally, in such a situation we usually resort to updating the program to the latest version, re-installing it completely again or running a malware scan to trace the possible hideouts of malware. So do carry these out first and see if it helps.

1. Reinstall The software

2. check system for virus / malware infraction

Download Best Antivirus for windows 10 

You may have to check if you have some anti-exploit software installed on your computer. Particularly see if you have Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit installed. If you do, uninstall it from the Control Panel, restart your computer and see if it helps.

Also Try To repair Corrupted Windows System files using Sfc Utility.

Try Registry Hack to Fix This Error

If none of the above solutions work, let’s get a bit serious. First of all, create a system restore point. It’s just a precaution.

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We are going to make some changes to the registry editors. First Create A Restore point so that if any thing goes wrong while make changes on Registry Editor. We can perform system Restore to revert back system to previous working state.

Now lets open Registry window to perform the registry task. For this, Press Win+R in combination type regedit and hit the Enter button. When prompted by the UAC prompt, Click ‘Yes’.

Now to Registry windows navigate to the following path:


Fix-The-application-was-unable-to-start-correctly 0xc0000018

Then On Middle pane double click on APPINIT_DLL. When the Edit String pop opens clear the value data field if any exist. click ok to make save changes and close windows Registry.

After having done this, reboot your machine. Now Open the application it will don’t get any problem.

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These Are some best tips to Fix The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000018) error in Windows. After perform this steps No application is going to cause you any trouble by not getting opened from now on.