On Windows 10 you can enable Developer Mode from Settings app > Update & security > For developers > Developer mode, To Test the apps developed by you. Also you can run the apps from Visual Studio in debug mode. By enabling this mode, you can run Bash on Windows 10 and access multiple developer settings under one roof. According to Microsoft Enabling Developer mode will allow to :

  • Installing Windows device portal and configuring firewall rules for it
  • Configuration of firewall rules for Secure Shell (SSH) services to allow remote installation of apps
  • Enabling Windows subsystem for Linux that allows you to run Bash on Ubuntu inside Windows operating system (OS)

Developer Mode Package Failed to install Error 0x80004005

This is A great Welcome Feature on windows 10 specially for Developers. But Some Windows users report while Enable The developer mode Option from Settings app > Update & security > For developers > Developer mode, following error appears Developer Mode package failed to install Error 0x80004005.

This error indicates that the extra components required by the OS to enable additional debugging features in the Windows Device Portal or the Visual Studio could not be installed automatically.

Fix error 0x80004005

If you face “Developer Mode package failed to install. Error code: 0x80004005” while enable the developer mode Here By tweaking UseWUServer registry key on Windows register Editor we can fix this Developer mode pakage failed to install error.

Note : Before make changes on Registry its recommended to create a System restore point for windows. so that if any thing goes wrong while make changes on windows registry you can revert back your system to previous working state using system Restore.

Now to open windows Registry Editor press win + R , type regedit.exe and press OK, or Enter on your keyboard. This will open Widnows registry editor, Here on  left navigation pane to go to the following key:


registry tweak to fix developer mode package failed to install

Inside the folder, edit the UseWUServer and set its value to 0, or delete the entire AU folder.

Note : If you don’t have windowsupdate folder then right click on Windows -> new key and name it to Windowupdate. Again Right click on windowsupdate -> new key and name it to AU. Now click on AU and on middle pane right click new -> dowrd32 -> name it to UseWUServer. Double click on UseWUServer and set the value to 0.

Restart Windows update Related Services 

Now open Command Prompt As administrator and To Restart some Windows update related services perform bellow commands one by one and press Enter key after each one to execute.

net stop wuauserv
net stop bits
net stop cryptsvc
net start wuauserv
net start bits
net start cryptsvc


That’s all type Exit to close the command prompt and restart the windows after this. Now Again open Settings app > Update & security > For developers > Developer mode, Hope This time this will enable successfully without any error.

I hope After perform above steps now you can enable the developer mode on windows 10 without any error 0x80004005. Have any query, suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comment bellow. Also Read form our blog How To Fix DNS Server not responding Error on Windows 10.


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