Fix One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on this Computer

One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on This Computer

Windows Network and internet connection disconnected, And running the Network Adapter Troubleshooting tool end with one or more network protocols are missing on this computer? This Error Mostly Cause if Windows sockets registry entries are missing, the system can’t connect to the Internet And The Troubleshooting Tool Result one or more network protocols are missing on this computer. On checking the details, you get this: Windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing.

Fix One or More Network Protocols Are Missing

The main reason for this problem is inconsistency in Windows Sockets API which is also known as Winsock. Stucked Network Components, Corrupted Network Adapter driver, etc. If you are also having Network, Internet connection Issue with the error One or More Network Protocols Are Missing Apply Bellow solutions to get rid of this.


Basic Troubleshooting

Make Sure the Internet connection is working properly. Try to Restart your Modem, Router, and computer / Laptop. Then check Network and internet connection started working.

Check for virus/malware infection by performing A full system scan. You Can do this with a good antivirus, Anti-malware with the latest updates installed.

Optimize windows performance, By cleaning junk, Cache, Cookies, etc using Third-party applications like Ccleaner. And Fix Ccleaner has the option to fix Broken corrupted registry files.

Run System file checker Tool, To make sure any corrupted, missing system file not causing the issue. Running this tool can Fix and repair corrupted system files.

Reset Winsock

As discussed Winsock’s corruption is The main reason for this error problem. And you can first try to Rest Winsock which helps to fix One or More Network Protocol Are Missing issues.

Open command prompt As administrator, Then type netsh Winsock reset and hit the enter key. then Type exit to Close command prompt.

netsh winsock reset command

After That Restart windows And check the Network, Internet connection Started working.

Disable / Enable Network Adapters

Press Win + R, Type ncpa.cpl and hit the enter key. Here on the network connections window select and right-click on Active Ethernet connection ( Network adapter, WiFi Adapter ) and select Disable. Now Restart windows Then Again open the Network connection Window and Enable the Ethernet / WiFi connection Which you Disabled previously.

Disable and Enable Network Adapters

Reinstall the TCP/IP protocol

Open Command prompt As administrator then Types command netsh int ip reset and press enter key to Reset or reinstall the TCP/IP protocol for your windows computer.

If Resetting failed, Access is denied as shown image. then we need to take ownership and Full permission to be able to successfully.

Command to Reset TCP IP Protocol

To take Ownership Open Windows registry By press win + R , Type Regedit and hit the enter key. Now on the left pane navigate to


Registry Tweak to Assign full permission for TCP IP Reset purpose

Right Click on 26 key -> permission -> Select Every one and Checkmark on Full control. Click Apply, Ok, And close Registry Editor. Now-Again open Command prompt ( admin ) then type command netsh int ip reset hit enter to Reinstall the TCP/IP protocol without any deny error. After that Restart windows and check there is no more internet, network connection problems.

netsh int ip reset

Reconfigure Networking connection settings

If after performing the All the Above steps still having issues with internet connection and Troubleshooting tool results in One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on this computer then Reset, Reconfigure the network connection Settings by the following bellow.

open command prompt as administrator then types below commands and press enter key.

netcfg -d
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /registerdns
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ipv4reset reset.log

After performing all these commands Restart your computer and check it should fix the issue.

Tweak Registry Editor to Fix Windows Sockets Entries

All Above method fails to fix then we need to manually fix Windows Sockets entries by modifying the registry key. for this open Windows Registry Editor by press win + R, Then type Regedit and hit the enter key.

Note: We recommend to create restore point before making any modification to the windows registry. As registries are an essential part of windows wrong modification can cause serious issues.

Fix Socket Entries

Now on the Windows registry, the Editor Left pane navigates to the following key.


Right-click on Winsock select export. select a location give any name and save the Winsock registry backup. Do the same with the winsock2 registry Key.

registry tweak to Fix Socket Entries

Now Right-click on Winsock and Delete, Again right-click winsock 2, and delete. Then after close the registry editor and Restart the windows. Now move to the location where you take a backup copy of Winsock and winsock2 When you find simply double click on it to re-add them.

Update Network Adapter Driver

Also Outdated, Corrupted Network drivers can cause Different Internet or network Connection issues. We Recommend To Update and install the latest Driver software for Network Adapter.

First Visit the Device manufacturer’s website and download the latest available network adapter, driver. then To update the network Adapter open the Device Manager by right click on the Start menu and select device manager then Expand Network Adapter. Right-click on the installed Network Adapter driver then select update.

update network Adapter driver

On the next screen, either select search and update drivers automatically or you can manually assign the driver which downloaded before. Then follow the on-screen instructions to update the driver. Restart windows and check Network and internet connection Problem fixed.

These are some quick solutions to fix One or More Network Protocols Are Missing on this computer or Windows sockets registry entries required for network connectivity are missing. Network protocols are missing etc on Windows computers. I hope After applying the above solves your problem will be get resolved. Also Read Fix com surrogate has stopped working Error on windows 10 1709.