After Install Recent updates or upgrade to Windows 10 Creators update Windows Frequently Restart with unexpected store exception Blue Screen error ? Or While working windows suddenly Stopped working, Restart with BSOD Error unexpected store exception. Also some of windows users report After install an application from Windows Store they Get this Blue Screen of death Error on Windows 10 Computer.

As Discussed Before Blue Screen Error mostly occur due To faulty Hardware, corrupted system files, Incompatible Software application. But This unexpected store exception is not related to any faulty Hardware as the Error code says unexpected store exception its related to Windows Store.

How To Fix unexpected store exception BSOD

If you are also suffering with This unexpected store exception BSOD error on your windows 10 Laptop Or Desktop Computer, Here apply Bellow solutions to get rid of this.

As with this Blue Screen Windows restart frequently, you are unable to start windows normaly to perform any troubleshooting steps. Then we need to boot into safe mode with networking ( This is a diagnostic mode of windows computer, which start windows with minimal system resources to perform troubleshooting steps easily).  On Windows 7 You can press F8 key st windows bootup to access safe mode option. But windws 8.1 and 10 its different, Check how to boot into safe mode with networking on Windows 10. Now on Safe mode Apply Bellow solutions to fix unexpected store exception BSOD error.

Note : After one Restart If windows Start normally Then no need to boot into safe mode, you can directly apply bellow solution on Normal windows to fix this BSOD Error. 

Run Store App Troubleshooter

Windows have inbuilt troubleshooting tools to Diagnose and fix different problems. So Before Apply any manual solution first run the store app troubleshooter and let windows to fix the problem itself for you.

To Run Store App troubleshooter Open Control panel -> Large icon View -> Troubleshooting -> click on View all on left pane to display all available tools ->  Here click on windows Store apps.

store app troubleshooting

This will open the Troubleshooting wizard, click on Advanced then tick mark on Apply repairs automatically and fallow on screen instructions, This tool check if any store app causing issue if found then it will fix automatically. Now Restart windows check This time windows start normally without any error ? If not fallow next instruction.

Make Sure All Windows Updates Installed 

As Unexpected_Store_Exception error is linked to Windows Store, you need to ensure that all Windows apps installed on your computer are updated and working properly.  Lets First Install All latest Available windows updates. click on Start – > Settings Here on Settings windows click Update & security -> Check for updates button and then install all updates found.

update windows 10

Check virus /  Malware infection

most of times virus / Malware infection Cause Different problems on window computer. We strongly recommend Install a Good Antivirus / Anti-malware application with latest updates and perform full system scan. Also Clean Junk, Cache, unwanted files and optimize Broken, Corrupted windows registry Entries using free third party application like Ccleaner.

fix Corrupted windows registry Entries

Try Disabling Fast Startup

Windows 10 Bring The Fast startup Startup Features to make windows boot faster, But this feature have also some Disadvantages. Most window users report After Turn off the Fast Startup Feature Different Blue Screen Errors Are solved for them. May Disabling this feature may also help to Fix Unexpected Store Exception Blue screen.

To Disable Fast Startup Open control panel -> Large ICON view -> Power Option -> Choose what the power buttons do -> click on Change Settings that are currently unavailable.  Here Uncheck Turn off fast startup (recommended). Save Settings and restart your PC.
Now, See if it really resolves unexpected store exception or not.

turn off fast startup feature

Update Installed Device Drivers

Drivers are essential components of your windows computer, They facilitate communication between the system and all installed programs and applications. They need to be installed and must be up-to-date for smooth computer operations. If you face this Unexpected Store Exception Blue screen Error After Recent install a hardware or after recent driver update Then there is issue with the driver software which is not compatible with current windows system. in this case you need to Install or update the current driver for that.

To update Drivers

First press Win + R, Type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter. Here on Device manager expend Display Adapter. There you should see your Installed graphics card driver like AMD Radeon / Nvidia and Intel HD graphics etc. Just right click on it, and choose Update driver software. When update driver software screen opens Choose Search automatically for driver software As shown bellow image.

update driver software

This will search for available updated driver from windows update and install it after complete simply Restart the windows. Also update other drivers like check on all installed drivers if you find any driver listed with yellow mark tingle then this driver is not working properly, then you have to update the installed driver or just reinstall the Driver. or you can visit manufacturer website to Get latest updated driver for it.

Use Rollback option 

If this problem started after update recent hardware driver ( for ex after update graphic driver ) the Rollback driver option will work for you, Which revert install driver to previous version. To do this same on Device manager expend display driver -> right and select properties- move to driver option – click on Roll back driver as shown bellow image.

Roll Back Driver option

Note : you will only find the Roll Back Driver option If you updated the driver from old version to new one.

This will prompt a message sure to go back to previous version of this driver. confirm with yes. You can do the same with other drivers ( network adapter, Audio Driver etc )now simply Restart the windows and check. if device driver is the cause behind the Unexpected_Store_Exception blue Screen then you no more face this error.

Run SFC Utility

Again As discussed before Corrupted system files cause different errors on windows computer, Running SFC utility will find and fix corrupted, Missing system files. Which help to fix different windows problems. To Run this utility open command prompt as administrator, Type command sfc/scannow and hit enter key to execute the command.


This  will scan your system for all its important system files, and replace where necessary. wait until Verification 100 % complete. After this Restart windows. If you get windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them then try fallowing command dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth. 

Re-register windows store apps

If all above solutions failed to fix unexpected store exception BSOD Error, Then re-register windows store apps is a good solution to fix this blue screen error. You ca do this by open power shell as administrator, type command bellow and hit enter key to execute the command.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml }

reset edge browser using powershell

After command executed close power shell and restart windows, Check this time windows start normally without any BSOD or Startup Errors.

Check Disk Errors

Another possibility stands for this error is the disk corruption which cause problem at startup. You may run chkdsk C: /f /r command (assuming Windows is installed on C:) to fix this the disk corruption.
run CHKDSK command

Also if you notice after install recent security application ( antivirus. Antimalware, third party software or game ) Then we recommend to disable / Uninstall it temporally, May be there due to comparability issue this application cause this BSOD Error.

These are some best working solutions to fix unexpected store exception Blue screen Error on Windows 10. I hope after apply these solutions your problem will get fixed, Still need any help, or have any query, Suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comments. Also Read from my blog : How To Fix DNS Server not responding Error on Windows 10


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