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Start Menu Troubleshooter To Fix Windows 10 Start menu problem


Windows 10 Start menu is the welcome feature which is a combination of windows 7 start menu and Windows 8 apps menu. And this combination works great for windows 10 users.This is now the main way to get things done in this new windows 10. But Users Report After installs Recent updates Start menu not working properly, that refuses to open when clicked, or that frequently disappears from your desktop. If you are also suffering with Windows 10 Start menu problem, the good news is Microsoft has released an Official Start menu Troubleshooting tool. Which can identify and fix many issues automatically.

Microsoft has worked hard on Start Menu issues and they have now released a dedicated troubleshooter or fix it tool for it. The Start Menu troubleshooter will address following issues on your Windows 10:

Required applications are not installed correctly: Indicates the app which needs your attention to re-register or reinstall. Permission issues with registry keys: Checks the registry keys for the current user and correct its permission if required.

Tile database is corrupt

The application manifest is corrupt

How To Use Start Menu Troubleshooter to Fix Windows 10 Start menu problem

The Windows 10 Start menu troubleshooter is a diagnostic cabinet file. You can visit Microsoft’s support site and Download the tool. Or simply Bellow Download Troubleshooting Tool this link will take you directly to the download. All you need to do is download the troubleshooter from given download link.

Download Start Menu Troubleshoot tool

After Download simply Right click on startmenu.diagcab and select Run As Administrator. If UAC prompts click on allow access yes. This will start the Troubleshooting Tool. On The first screen displays basic information about it.

You can check Apply repairs automatically and click Next to start troubleshooting. This will take some time to find and solve the errors.

During Troubleshooting The tool scans for the following issues And Fix Them.

Required applications are not installed correctly : Indicates the app which needs your attention to re-register or reinstall.
Permission issues with registry keys : Checks the registry keys for current user and correct its permission if required.
Tile database is corrupt
Application manifest data is corrupt

Once the troubleshooting is completed, you’ll receive the troubleshooting report. Which containing details of the issues found (if any) and fixes applied. If it can’t identify the problems you’re having, you can choose to explore additional options or just close the troubleshooter. You can also view a troubleshooting report which will tell you what issues were checked.

start menu troubleshooter fix results

The troubleshooter checks for the following Start menu issues:

This will check For registry key permission issues.
Also check For tile database corruption issues.
And check For application manifest corruption issues.

If you’re having problems with the Start menu, then this tool should be the first thing you try.

This Troubleshooter is limited to detecting and resolving four Windows 10 start menu problems currently. That means it won’t provide you with a solution if the issue you are experiencing.

If Start menu found any suspect serious damage to the system and not fixed itself. You can Run sfc /scannow on an elevated command prompt to Repair Corrupted System files. During the scanning process Sfc utility checks core windows system files. To make sure they are not corrupt or modified, and replaces them if they are. Restart windows To complete the process.

I hope These steps help to fix your windows 10 start menu problem. Have any query suggestion feel free to comment bellow.

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