Google Chrome Not Loading Images after update (Solved)

This error usually occurs when you’ve misconfigured an option in the browser or your browser data has gone corrupt.

With more than 64% market share Google Chrome most popular web browser around, known for its speed and reliability. And the company regularly updates the browser with new features, latest bug fixes, and security improvements. But sometimes while browsing web pages you may notice Google Chrome not loading images, leaving nothing but the image alternative text. Some Windows 11 users report after updating the browser, Chrome fails to load images on webpages. Usually, this problem occurs because of a slow internet connection, But if the internet connection is fine there may be a problem with the Chrome browser that need to be fixed. This article explores the reason behind the problem and How to fix Google Chrome not loading images on Windows 11.

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Images Not Loading in Chrome Browser

There are multiple reasons why Chrome can’t load images on your PC, slow Internet connection, corrupted browser cache or cookies, problematic browser extension, one of the settings in Chrome might be preventing photos from loading or image not being available on the server.

And to fix such problems on your computer, first, you need to check and ensure the internet connection is working. You can check Internet speed on or

Update Google Chrome browser

Whenever your experience problems with the web browser the first thing you need to update the browser with the latest version. This brings the latest bug fixes and security improvements that may fix the images not loading in Chrome.

Running an outdated version of Google Chrome cause all sorts of problems, including the browser failing to load images.

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  • Open the Chrome browser, click on the three dots at Top right, and click the Help option.
  • When the side menu appears, click on About Chrome to check for and update the Chrome browser.
  • Also, you can type chrome://settings/help on the address bar then press enter key to download the chrome latest version.
  • Once done relaunch the browser and open any Website to check the image not loading problem is resolved.

Update Google Chrome

Clear Chrome cache and cookies

Almost every web browser includes Google Chrome cache webpages to improve loading times. But if this data somehow gets corrupted it could stop the browser from functioning properly cause slower speed or broken images on websites. And you need to clear the browser cache occasionally to avoid any issues.

  • Open Chrome browser, click the three-dot menu select the settings option,
  • Go to privacy and security then click on Clear browsing data

Note: On Chrome address, You can type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and press enter key to access the clear browsing data page directly.

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  • Now select time range All time, and Ensure that the options for Cached images and files are checked along with the Cookies and other site data options.
  • Finally, click on the Clear Data option, close and reopen the Chrome browser and open any web pages to check image loading without any problem.

Clear Chrome Cache and cookies

Disable or Remove Chrome extensions

Sometimes chrome extension conflict causes all sorts of issues such as slow browsing speed,make Chrome freeze not loading web pages properly and being a security risk

  • Open the Chrome incognito tab by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + N
  • Also, you can click on the three dots at the top right and choose the New Incognito Window option.
  • Now open the webpage to check if the images loading properly, if yes there may be a Chrome extension causing the issue.
  • Type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar and press enter key to display list of chrome extensions installed
  • Here Toggle off or remove the last extensions you installed or the ones you installed shortly before the issue started.

Chrome extensions

Also, You can disable all extensions and re-enable them one by one to figure out which extension prevents Chrome from displaying images correctly.

Allow Sites to Use Javascript in Chrome

JavaScript is a fundamental web technology used by many websites to enhance functionality and display images. It may be JavaScript being disabled in the browser settings that prevent images from loading on the Chrome browser. let’s check and Allow Sites to Use JavaScript in Chrome:

  • Open Chrome Settings by clicking on the dots at the top right
  • Go to Privacy and Security, followed by Site Settings to your right.

Chrome site settings

  • Scroll down to the content section then click on Javascript, And Set Default behavior to Sites can use Javascript.

Site can use javascript

  • Now open any web pages to check if Chrome is loading images or not.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Enabling the Hardware acceleration option help improves the speed and performance of the Chrome browser. But sometimes cause other issues, such as graphic glitches that prevent images from loading on Chrome browser.

  • Open Chrome browser settings and search for hardware
  • Toggle off the option next to Hardware Acceleration when available and Restart your browser.

Disable chrome hardware Acceleration

Tweak Chrome browser settings

Chrome is still not loading images or you see broken image icons on a webpage, Open Chrome’s menu and head to Settings.

From the left pane, click Privacy and Security. Click Site Settings then Images. Below Default behavior, select the Sites can show images option.

Additionally, look at the Customized Behaviors section to ensure you haven’t added any site to Not allowed to show images.

Sites can show images chrome

In addition close the Google Chrome browser, then Press the Windows key + R type %appdata% and press Enter. Then, navigate to Google > Chrome > User Data. There, locate and rename the Default folder.

rename or reset chrome default folderNow open google chrome and open any webpages to check whether images loading or not.

Reset Chrome Browser settings

If all the above solutions didn’t help, still Chrome Not Displaying Images you should try resetting Chrome settings.

Note- Resetting Chrome removes the browser’s history, cache, and extensions. You’ll also lose custom settings like any applied theme or fonts However, Chrome will preserve your bookmarks and passwords, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to important sites.

  • Open Chrome browser, click on the dots at the top right and choose Settings
  • Click on Reset Settings, followed by Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • To make it final, click on Reset Settings.

Reset chrome settings

In addition, run disk clean-up to clear temp files on your computer which probably helps fix such issues. Also, open the command prompt as admin type ipconfig /flushdns then press enter key to flush DNS cache.

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