8 Battery saving tips to Improve Windows 11 Laptop Battery life

Low battery problems can be frustrating especially if there is no power outlet nearby. Here is variety of ways to stretch the battery juice of your Windows 11.

Recent Windows 11 update Draining Your laptop Battery too quickly? Whether you have upgraded to Windows 11 on your existing laptop or a brand new laptop with Windows 11 preinstalled Microsoft promises the latest Windows 11 Give you more time on battery life than previous iterations. The company introduced different power modes to optimize battery usage on Windows 11, a smarter Battery Saver feature to intelligently adjust power settings based on your device usage pattern, An Optimized Power Throttling mechanism that helps improve battery life on Windows 11 laptop without compromising performance. But still, bugs and problems are present there that might affect the battery life of your device, draining it quickly. Here are some adjustments or tweaks help you increase the battery life of your Windows 11 Laptop.

How to improve battery life in Windows 11 Laptop

There are several features that you can tweak to extend Laptop battery life on Windows 11. Such as Stopping applications from constantly refreshing in the background, reducing the screen brightness or decreasing the time for your lock screen timeout can help Improve Windows 11 Laptop Battery Life. Also, turning on power saver mode and running the power troubleshooter help identify and resolve issues related to power management, which in turn may improve battery life on Windows 11.

Enable battery saver on Windows 11

And you need to stop these apps from refreshing in the background to improve Windows 11 laptop battery life. Windows 11 introduced a smarter Battery Saver mode that intelligently Manages background activities and adjusts system settings to minimize power consumption.

Battery saver disable certain Windows features, notifications, and background activity to help extend your battery life.

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You can quickly Enable or disable the battery saver from quick settings that can be accessed using Windows key + A and improve your Windows 11 battery life.

Windows 11 Battery saver

  • Ope open settings using the Windows key + I
  • Go to Select System then Power & Battery and expand the Battery section
  • Here you can turn on the battery saver right away, or set it up such that it gets activated when it falls below a certain level.
  • Also, Make sure to turn the Lower screen brightness when using the battery saver switch to the On position

Enable Battery saver windows 11 settings

Set Display to Turn Off Automatically

Sometimes you may walk away from your laptop and leave the screen on which wastes battery life. Adjusting the display to turn off automatically after a certain time helps Extend Laptop Battery Life on Windows 11.

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  • Press the Windows key then select settings or you can press the Windows key + I
  • Navigate to System then Power & battery
  • Expand the Screen and Sleep option under the Power section.
  • Now, change the amount of time before the screen turns off on battery power.
  • You can also set it to go into Sleep mode after a set amount of time.

Set Display to Turn Off Automatically

Tweak display settings on Windows 11

A massive part of the battery gets consumed by laptops Display and lowering the display brightness increases your battery life on Windows 11.

  • Press Windows key + I to open the settings app on your computer,
  • Navigate the system then Display and Use to slider under the Brightness & Color section to tweak the screen brightness.

Windows 11 Brightness settings

  • You’ll notice that as soon as you lower the brightness, your battery consumption would’ve been cut down by a considerable margin.

Change power mode on Windows 11

Windows 11 introduced different power modes, and select the Best power efficiency use less energy and get the most from your laptop’s battery.

Press the Windows key + X and select settings. Go to System then Power & Battery and Use the Power mode dropdown menu to select the best option.

  1. Best power efficiency: Lowers system performance and provides the best option to save energy and improve battery life
  2. Balanced: Allows Windows 11 to automatically balance energy and performance.
  3. Best performance: Improve system performance but uses the most power and reduces battery life.

Power Efficiency mode windows 11

We recommend Selecting the Best power efficiency mode that helps use less energy and stretch the battery juice of your Windows 11.

Reduce the Refresh Rate on Windows 11

Refresh rate is how often an image on your screen changes every second. With the higher refresh, you will experience a smoother and better viewing experience. But the downside is the high battery consumption rate. And cutting down on the refresh rate might be something that can help extend laptop battery life on Windows 11.

  • Press Windows key + I to open settings then click System
  • Next, go into Display and then Advanced Display.
  • Now click on Choose a Refresh rate and set a lower refresh rate.

Reduce Refresh Rate on windows 11

Install the latest Windows 11 Updates

This is not really associated with laptop battery life but Windows updates are a crucial aspect of enhanced performance for any device. Installing the latest Windows updates not only protects your system from new threats and viruses but also fixes different kinds of bugs. If you’re serious about slashing battery consumption it’s recommended to check and install the latest Windows 11 updates on your device.

Updating your computer allows Microsoft to patch security holes, add new features, and improve the system’s performance

  • Press Windows key + I to open the settings app
  • Go to windows update then hit the Check for Updates button,
  • Your system will start searching for the latest updates online.
  • If new updates are available or pending there, allow them to download and install on your computer.

Check for windows 11 updates

Run power troubleshooter on Windows 11

Also run the built-in Power troubleshooter that can detect and fix problems related to power settings and power management, and improve battery life on Windows 11 Laptop.

  • Press Windows key + S, type troubleshoot settings and select it from the search results,
  • On the New window click on Other troubleshooters option to display available troubleshooter list,
  • From there, Scroll down to Navigate to the Power section and click on Run to start the diagnostic process.
  • The troubleshooter will scan your system for power-related issues and provide potential solutions.

Power Troubleshooter windows 11

Set Dark Background or theme on Windows 11

If you have Laptop with OLED display, then it can take advantage of dark background or theme to Improve Battery Life on Windows 11. For other displays also Dark background comes at a lower end of power consumption expense.

  • Go to Settings > Personalization > Background. From here, set a dark picture or a dark solid color.

Also using a dark theme will do its bit in lowering the battery expense in your Windows 11.

  • Go to Settings > Personalization > Themes. Now click on Current Theme, and set a dark theme.

Dark background or solid color

Also Outdated drivers and firmware can impact battery life by causing unnecessary system resource usage. Make sure to regularly update your laptop’s drivers and firmware by visiting the manufacturer’s website or using Windows Update. Keeping your system up to date can resolve compatibility issues and improve power efficiency.

In addition, Go to Settings > System > Battery > Battery Usage to view detailed information about battery usage by individual apps. By identifying and closing power-hungry applications, you can significantly improve your laptop’s battery life.

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