Is your Google Chrome feel a little slower than before? Or you find that Chrome browser consuming High CPU or lot of your system’s RAM and making your PC feel slower than it should? Here are some tips help to make Google Chrome faster again, and to reduce the amount of RAM, CPU the browser eats up.

How To make google chrome faster

Google chrome is the Fast and most used web browser in worldwide Because of its speed, consistency and its lightweight user-friendly interface. But After a few weeks of usage, the browser takes a few seconds to launch, and the overall speed goes down. There are multiple reasons ( Such as cache, junk, Browser history, extensions causing issue etc )that make Google Chrome comparatively slower. Here apply solutions below to make google chrome faster or Speed up Google Chrome performance.

Update Chrome Browser

This is the first thing you must do, to optimize and speed up chrome browser performance. Basically, Google Chrome automatically updates itself to the latest version. But sometimes due to few technical reason and poor connectivity, it would not be able to update itself. To check and update chrome browser type chrome://help into the address bar and follow the prompts.

update google chrome
update google chrome

Remove Unwanted Extensions

This is the second thing you must check If you have installed a number of chrome extensions this may cause slow down your web browser or consume unnecessary system resources. To check and remove unnecessary extensions Type chrome://extensions into the address bar and disable any unwanted extensions. Either disable the extension or click on remove to delete it.

Remove Chrome extensions
Remove Chrome extensions

Enable prefetch

It is a very important matter to turn on network action predictions simply called prefetch which make Google Chrome open web page faster comparatively from the other browsers.

To check and enable prefetch open google chrome Go to the top of the right corner and click on 3 dotted Hamburger icon then go to settings. or Type chrome://settings/ in the Address bar to open settings. Now go to the bottom of the page and click on show advanced settings option. Next, in the privacy option make sure that you check the box next to the “Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly.” Now relaunch your current Google Chrome browser to get a speedy web browser.

Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly
Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly

Make sure Prediction service Enabled

Again from Google Chrome > Settings > Show advanced settings. Now under Privacy section, select the Use a prediction service to load pages more quickly setting.

Close tabs faster using an experimental feature

A simple yet, a very handy feature that allows Chrome browser to shut down tabs quickly to make the browser run faster. In practice, the action helps in running Chrome’s javascript handler independent of the graphical user interface (GUI)thereby speeding up the browser and not making you wait for long to close tabs.

To access this secret setting, type chrome://flags into your address bar, Search for “Fast tab/window close” and click the “Enable” button below to turn on this feature.

fast tab window close
fast tab window close

Increase RAM for Chrome using an experimental feature

You have to increase the RAM that Chrome is permitted to use. By adjusting its value, you can adjust tile height and width to allocate more RAM to it. This will offer better scrolling and minimal stuttering while using the browser.

To adjust the setting, type “Default tile” in the Find dialog and both, Default tile width and height options should appear on your computer screen. Use the drop-down menus to change the values from “Default” to 512.

Increase RAM for Chrome
Increase RAM for Chrome

Install Data Saver Extension

If your problem is related more to a poor internet connection than it is to a sluggish browser, then one way you can help improve bandwidth is to install the Google Data Saver extension. This extension uses the Google servers to compress and optimize web pages before they are delivered to your browser.

Run Chrome Browser with Default Theme

If you have customized google chrome there we recommend to restore it to default, Because themes eat RAM, so if you want the speediest possible browser, run with the default theme. To restore Chrome Theme Type chrome://settings at the address bar and under Appearance, if the Reset to default theme button isn’t greyed out then you’re running a custom theme. Click the button to go back to the default.

Clear out cache data

It is another vital issue that causes low space on hard drive and regularly clearing them; you may find Google Chrome will automatically speed up.

Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar and I’d suggest choosing only the Cached images and files option. Alternatively, you can nuke everything and start with a clean slate. And For best results clear items from the beginning of time.

Run Chrome Cleanup Tool

Windows users can make use of Google’s Software Removal Tool. This A great inbuild chrome browser tool that helps to find harmful software on your computer and remove it.

Return to the Default Browser Settings

If all above method fails to speed up Chrome Browser then its time to return to the Default Browser settings. which reset chrome browser settings to default setup and fix if any customization tweak caused to chrome browser slow down.

Launch Chrome, then go to the More menu in the top right that looks like three horizontal dots. After clicking it, choose Settings, then Advanced. There, you’ll see a Reset section with a button of the same name. Click it to confirm wanting to return to the default settings.

reset chrome browser
reset chrome browser

These are some most effective ways to make google chrome faster on windows 10/8.1/7. And I am sure apply these tips you will notice optimization on your web browser experience. Have any query, suggestion about this post feel free to discuss in comments below.

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