How to Manually Check and install Windows Updates on Windows 10

In Windows 10, downloading and installing updates is automatic and will happen immediately once new updates available while the machine connected to the Microsoft server. Also, you can manually check for and install the latest updates following the steps below as well.

With Windows Update, Microsoft provides Service packs that include new features and improvements, patches for bug fixes, driver updates for popular hardware devices etc. In other words, Windows Update is used to keep Microsoft Windows and several other Microsoft programs updated. With New Released Windows 10 Microsoft Also Release Day today update include New Features and improvements and it is Set Default to Install Updates Automatically.

As Discussed On Windows 10 Updates are downloaded and installed automatically by default whenever it’s available. But sometimes you may not get the latest available update for that you may want to check, download and install the updates immediately. Here fallow to Manually Check and install windows 10 Updates.

How To Check For Available Updates On Windows 10

To Check and install Available Windows Updates First click on Windows 10 Start menu and select Settings. Or you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + I to open windows settings. Now click on Update & Security on Windows 10 settings window As Shown Bellow.

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update and Security

Now when the windows update window opens Click on Check for the update below to Update Status As Shown Bellow image.

Check for updates

This will Check Windows for All Available Updates. If any new updates found this will prompt the available update. Click the Install option to Download and install them, Download time will depend on the update size and your internet speed. After complete the install process simply Restart windows.

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How to manually check for app updates

In the same way, you can also Set automatic app updates for Windows 10 Store Apps. To do this open Windows Store click on (… ) see more options -> Downloads and updates. Then under available updates click on update all or click on the download arrow one by one to update windows apps.

How to manually check for app updates

Now click on Check for updates. You can also check specific apps for updates by going to their Store page. You can use the search form to find the app options. Or check My Library for a list of all your apps.

Now After reading This post you will well aware of windows update and How to manually check for windows updates on windows 10.

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