Microsoft Edge Black screen after windows 11 update (solved)

If you are experiencing Microsoft Edge black screen (When Scrolling) issue on Windows 11 PC, try the solutions below to fix this annoying issue.

The latest version of the Chromium Edge browser developed by the Microsoft team is faster and smoother compared to the previous one, and it comes inbuilt with Windows 11 and Windows 10 as a default web browser. It uses fewer system resources and the company regularly updates the edge browser to secure and meet its competitors. However, few users report Microsoft Edge screen goes black when scrolling or the browser won’t open or not responding. If you are also experiencing similar problem, and looking for solutions to Fix the Microsoft Edge Black Screen Issue on Windows 11 or Windows 10 apply the solutions listed below.

What causes Edge black screen issue?

There are a number of reasons for cause Windows 11 Edge black screen issue. Outdated Windows version, corrupt browser cache data, Faulty browser extensions or Not having the latest graphics driver update (outdated display drivers) are some primary reasons behind the problem.

Clear browser cache, Updating drivers with the right software or resetting the browser its default settings can fix the Microsoft Edge black screen issue on Windows 11.

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Install the latest Windows updates

Microsoft regularly releases Windows updates to improve the system performance and fix minor issues quickly. Therefore, if your device is still experiencing the same problem over and over again, it’s a good idea to check for and install the latest Windows updates. May the latest patch update have a bug fix for this problem, Let’s check for Windows updates.

  • Click on the start menu then select settings or you can use the Windows key + I keyboard shortcut to open the Windows 11 settings app,
  • Go to Windows Update from the left pane, then hit the check for updates button,
  • If new or pending updates are available there, click the download and install button to proceed,
  • Once done reboot your device to apply Windows updates. Now check if the problem is resolved or not.

Download windows 11 update

Update edge browser

In addition, we recommend check and update the Edge browser as well. to do so,

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser, type edge://settings/help on the address bar and hit the enter key. Or you can open edge settings and click on About Microsoft Edge to open the same screen.
  • Now click on Download and Install button to install Edge updates on your system, then close and re-open the browser. Now check if the issue is resolved.

It’s a good idea to try downloading the latest version of Microsoft Edge and checking if the newest patch fixes the black screen problem.

update edge browser

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Clear Microsoft Edge cache data

Like other web browsers on Windows 11 Microsoft Edge also stores cache and cookies data for a faster browsing experience. But if your cache files become too large or corrupted cache and cookies files might be the sole cause for edge slow performance or black screen issues.  Therefore, clean browsing data in Microsoft Edge helps you fix such problems on Windows 11.

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser, type edge://settings/clearBrowserData and hit the enter key,
  • Or you can Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete (keyboard shortcut) simultaneously to open the delete browsing data page.
  • Just set whichever you want to delete along with the time.
  • Click Clear Now to start cleaning
  • That’s it. Restart the browser and check if you still face the black screen problem.

Edge clear browsing data

Disable or remove edge extensions.

Edge extensions improve user experience or productivity, but if you have a number of or malicious extensions installed that might cause different issues. Let’s disable or remove edge extensions and check if any of them cause the Edge black screen issue.

  • Open the Edge browser, Click on the three dots at the top right corner. Choose Extensions and select Manage Extensions from the context menu.
  • You can access the installed edge extensions list from edge://extensions/
  • This will display all installed list of Chrome extensions
  • Toggle off them to disable it or Click on Remove on all the unnecessary extensions

Disable edge extensions

Disable hardware acceleration

Microsoft Edge Hardware Acceleration is a technology designed by Microsoft to improve the performance of the Microsoft Edge browser. However, this feature can sometimes cause problems with Microsoft Edge, one of which is a black screen.

The most common cause of Windows 11 Edge black screen problem is the Hardware Acceleration in Edge. If you have enabled this feature, disable it and then see if it fixes the problem.

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Click the more menu or the icon with three horizontal dots in the upper right corner and select Settings. On the left, select the System and Performance option.
  • Or just type edge://settings/system and hit the enter key on the edge browser
  • Next, just disable the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.
  • Done, reopen the edge browser and check if this helps fix the black screen issue on Microsoft Edge.

disable Edge hardware acceleration

Reset Microsoft Edge

Still, need help? Let’s reset the edge browser to its default settings and give a fresh start.

  • Open the Edge browser and Press the Alt + F keyboard shortcut, select settings then Reset the Settings section
  • Or you can type edge://settings/reset on the address bar and hit the enter key to access the same window,
  • Click on the Restore settings to their default value section and click reset again (when prompt for confirmation)

Reset Edge

This will reset :

  • Reset the startup page, new tab page, search engine, dan pinned tabs.
  • Disable all extensions and delete all temporary data such as cookies.
  • Favorites, history, and saved passwords will not be deleted (relax)

Update graphics drivers

Sometimes Outdated drivers, especially if the graphics driver is not updated might be the reason for the Microsoft Edge black screen issue. We recommend update or reinstall the display driver on Windows 11 by following the steps below and ensuring to restart your PC.

  • Press Windows key + X and select Device Manager, this will display all installed device driver lists,
  • Locate and expand the display adapter section, right-click on the installed graphics driver there and select update driver,
  • Click the Search automatically for drivers option to allow check for and download the latest driver update from the Microsoft server (if available)

Also you can visit the web according to the drivers installed on your devices such as AMD Driver Autodetect,  Intel Driver Update UtilityDell Update utility or NVIDIA Updater. download the latest one for your device and install it.

Did the above solutions help fix the Windows 11 edge black screen issue? Let us know on the comments below.

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