Fix windows 10 photo app not working properly keeps crashes

windows 10 photo app not working properly

With Windows 10 Microsoft included the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of the Photos app which serves as a .jpg and .png file opener. It allows editing the opened pictures by cropping it, adjusting the lighting, rotate, apply effects, and so on. Overall it’s a Great Feature, but numerous users have reported that Windows 10 photos app not working properly. For some, it doesn’t opens, while for some others, it crashes within few moments. If you are also experiencing similar problem, Here we have some solutions to fix Photo App Not responding and Crashes problem.

How to Fix Windows 10 photo app not working properly

The universal Photos app is the default photo or image viewer in Windows 10 operating system. There is no specific Reason Behind this problem, But Reset the photo app cache, Re-install or re-register the photos app can solve this problem for you.


Reset Photo App Cache

Press Win + R To open Run, here type WSReset.exe and hit enter key to execute the command.

This will open a black Command prompt, clear and repair the corrupt cache for you.

Run Store App Troubleshooter

This Photo App is related to Microsoft Store, Running Windows inbuilt Store app Troubleshooter can help to fix windows store and its related app problems. To Run The Troubleshooter :

Click on Start menu search type control panel hit enter key-> Small icon view -> click on Troubleshooting -> Click on View all located at the top left pane of the Window. you will see a list of apps that you can troubleshoot. Click on Windows Store apps, The troubleshooting window will open click on Advanced and checkmark on Apply repairs automatically.

windows 10 Store app troubleshooting tool

Click next and follow on-screen instructions to complete the troubleshooting process. It will start troubleshooting any error with your Windows Store Applications and would try to fix them. After that restart windows and open Windows photo app check now working fine? If not, apply the next solution.

Reset Windows 10 photo app

Reset the photo app to Default is also a working solution, Fixed the photo app crashes, not responding problem for a number of windows users. To Reset Photo :

Windows 10 Start menu -> Settings -> Apps ( Apps & Features ) -> Scroll Down and select photos app As shown below.

reset photos app

Here click on Advanced options -> A new window Will open, Here click on Reset As shown below image to reset the windows photo app to default settings. That’s all Restart windows and check the photo app now working properly.

reset windows 10 photo app

Reinstall Photos App

If the above all method didn’t fix the issue, you should give it a try by reinstalling the Photos app it would solve your issue

First, uninstall the Photos app:

Open the Windows PowerShell as administrator. You can right-click on the Windows 10 start menu and select Windows Powe Shell (admin). Here type the command below and hit enter key to uninstall the Photos app.

get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage

command to remove photo app

After uninstalling the app, you need to install it again. Go to Start Menu and select Microsoft Store search for Photos app on the Store and install it. It would definitely solve the crashing issue.

Re-register Store Apps

Also Re-registering the store app might also work if all of the above mentioned methods don’t work.

Again Open the Windows powershell as administrator, Then type the following command and press enter key to re-register store apps.

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

re-registering windows Store apps

Wait until the command to execute after complete the command restart your PC and hopefully, it would fix the issue.

Perform System Restore

If nothing working for you then it’s time to utilize the system restore feature, Which reverts widows to the previous working state without affecting your documents. Check How to perform System Restore on Windows 10.

That’s all, These are the most working solutions to fix windows 10 photo app not working, Photo app not responding or keeps crashes problem on Windows 10. I hope After apply These solutions your Photos app should work fine have any query, suggestion feel free to comment below.

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