How To Speedup USB Data Transfer on windows 10 – 2024

Want to speed up USB data transfer? Check out our guide for Windows 10 and 11 PC and optimize the efficiency of your USB flash drives.

Did you notice while trying to copy files from laptop to USB drive/external drive, the USB Data Transfer speed fluctuates frequently? The copy speed reaches 8-10 MB/s and instantly drops down to 0 byte/s. And This fluctuation makes the copy operation very very slow? There are three major factors that affect the efficiency and speed of USB flash drives. Such As the Type and Age of the USB Drive Type and Size of the Files that you transfer and The USB Port Version you are using. Here are some useful tips to speed up USB Data Transfer on Windows 10 and 11 PC.

USB Data Transfer speed refers to the amount of data carried through the USB in a second. The amount always is measured by KB, MB, or GB for blazing-fast USB. There are 3 types of USB ports, USB 1.0 (older and very slow), USB 2.0 (used almost on all computers), and USB 3.0 (the newer and fastest one, can reach 1GB per second)

Why is the USB Data Transfer Rate very slow?

There any numerous factors that can influence your data transfer speed of Pendrive. Such as The File Allocation Table Of Your Pendrive, OS and hardware performance, Files type ( what type of file you are transferring ) Device policy, Few other factors ( like if you are trying to copy data from an external drive to a USB drive you may notice slow data transfer speed. Whatever the reason, here apply the tweaks below to speed up USB Data Transfer on Windows 10.

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Check the drive for bad sector errors

  1. Right-click on USB Drive, then select properties
  2. Now select the tools tab and click on the check now button
  3. The tools will automatically scan and recover bad sector errors.

Again Data Transfer speed depends a lot on your current System performance such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, etc. If there is something unusual about your System performance, try to fix that and then transfer the files to your USB storage.

Always Insert the USB device into the USB 3.0 port for Higher speed. Also, try to reduce the simultaneous write operation to the same drive. Again sometimes Formatting the drive results in better performance, so try to format it at least one time a month.

Set USB Device for Better Performance

This is such a best trick (change device policy for Better performance) to make much faster data transfer on your USB drive.

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Note: After Changing the Device Policy for better performance, Your Data Transfer Speed Will Increase But Make Sure You always Click on ” Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media”  Before Removing Your Pendrive.

To change device policy for Better performance:

  • Insert the USB device into your PC,
  • Open this PC, Right-click on the USB drive, and select properties.
  • Here on USB device properties move to the hardware Tab,
  • select your USB drive and click on the Properties button.

Select Hardware device

You will see a new Dialog Box, Here under the general tab, click on the Change Settings button. One more Dialog Box will appear, Here Click on Policy Tab you will see two options in the USB Device Properties box:

  • Quick removal (default)
  • Better performance

Quick removal vs. Better performance

The default is Quick Removal. When this option is selected, it disables write caching on the device and in Windows. You can disconnect the device safely, without having to use the Safely Remove Hardware option. If you want better performance from your USB device, you can select the Better Performance option. When this is selected, it enables write caching in Windows. But you have to use the Safely Remove Hardware option from the notification area, to disconnect the device safely, or else it may result in data corruption.

select Better Performance

Select Radio Button Better performance to optimize your USB device performance. That all, Now you can see improved data transfer speeds on your USB Drive.

Modify The File System of the USB drive to NTFS

As we all know the NTFS file system is faster than FAT32. So make sure your drive is using the NTFS file system. If not then Modify The File System of the USB drive to NTFS file system by following below.

Note: These Steps Delete your Data on USB Drive, It’s recommended to back up or copy your data to Local Drive.

  • First Plugin your USB drive into your PC/Laptop.
  • Now open This PC, right-click on the USB drive, and select Format.
  • Here change the File system to NTFS as shown image below, Uncheck Quick Format And Click On Start.

Modify The File System of the USB drive To NTFS

Some Third-Party Tools can also help you increase your USB data transfer speed. These tools run on the System Tray of your Desktop and you can easily transfer your files with one click. Some of the alternatives to Ultra Copier are fast Copy and Tera-Copy.

Close all running programs

When you want to speed up USB file transfer, you need to close the remaining running programs. When you run more programs, programs consume computer resources like RAM and disk space. This will have an effect on data transfer speed.

Copy Single file at a Time

Keep in mind that while copying If you copy another file at the same time so it will divide your copying speed and you both files are copying slowly as usual So In this case copy one file at a time to easily copy other files at the same speed.

Many people don’t care about it but sometimes it helps a lot you see when you copy a big file that copies fast as when you copy many files at a time So it takes more time as usual. So I recommend that copy a single file at a time to save your precious time.

Using Third-Party Tools like Ultra Copier

Some Third-Party Tools can also help you increase your USB data transfer speed. These tools run on the System Tray of your Desktop and you can easily transfer your files with one click. Some of the alternatives to Ultra Copier are Fast Copy and Tera-Copy.

These are some best ways to speed up USB Data Transfer on Windows 10 PC. If you have any suggestions or queries then you may comment below.

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