Some Times, after installing recent update or upgrade to Windows 10 users, notice system running very slow. When check resource usage on Task manager you may notice High System Resource usage by System and Compressed Memory service. Looking for getting rid of this System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage problem? Here this post we discuss What is System and Compressed Memory? What is the use/work of System and Compressed Memory and Why it run on Task manager? How to Disable or Get Rid of this 100% System Resource usage by System and Compressed Memory on Windows 10.

What is System and Compressed Memory? 

System and compressed memory is a Windows service Running on background that helps to handle the compression and extraction of your less use and old drivers and files, making it easier to store and faster to use when you need them. In other words It is a process that controls and monitors various functions which are related to the system and Random Access Memory associated operations.

Mainly system and compressed memory is responsible for the different functions that are associated with the memory of the system. The processing system and compressed memory are mainly responsible for compressing the different types of files and folders as well as the management of any RAM that is available.

Why System and Compressed Memory usage High System Resource

Normally system and compressed memory process is only supposed to take up a small amount of CPU and Disk. However, in some cases, the System and compressed memory process start using up 100% of system resources, As a result, users experience a slowed-down Windows computer.

If you look for Reason behind this error, There is various reasons cause this problems start with Incorrect virtual memroy setup, memory Error, corrupted system files, Virus & malware infection etc.

Fix System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage issue

After understand What is System and Compressed Memory? Why it runs on Task manager and why this service usage huge system resources, Now let’s apply bellow solutions to get rid of this.

Scan for Virus Infection

As per discuss Virus and malware infection Can cause this System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage issue. As basic solution first we recommend to perform a full system scan for Virus/malware. With a latest updated virus or malware application. First download the good Antivirus or anti-malware application, Install it and perform a full system scan. After complete, the scanning process Restart windows and check. If the problem started due to virus infection, After perform full system scan you never face high system resource usage issue on windows computer. If still have the same issue then apply next solution.

Change the Paging File Size to Automatic

If after performing full system scan, Still getting same High System resource usage problem by system and compressed memory then, we need to first look at the paging file on virtual memory option and set it to Automatic. Which is a very good solution reported by most windows users.

Normally The default size for all paging files for Windows 10 automatically allows Windows to manage the size. However, If you have adjusted the Virtual memory for optimization purpose or changed the page file to a custom and pre-set value. It can lead to one hundred percent usage of the disk by the process. And change the paging file size to automatic can fix this issue. To Change it follow steps.

First click on start menu search, Type performance and select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows from search results. Now on performance options move to the Advanced tab, Then click on change under the virtual memory option.

Change the Paging File Size to Automatic
Change the Paging File Size to Automatic

The virtual memory popup will open, Here make sure automatically manage paging file size for all drives option should be checked As shown bellow. If not checked then Checkmark by click on it. That’s all Now click on OK and then Apply, Then Restart windows to take effect the changes you have made. This is the most working solution, fixed System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage issue for most windows users. I hope this will also fix your problem, If still need help fallow next solution.

Disable the System and Compressed Memory

If you are found out that the paging file size was already set to automatic for all drivers, then it is not what is causing the issue. If that is the case then all you have to do is disable the System and Compressed memory process. For this fallow bellow steps.

First open Control panel – small icon view -> click on Administrative Tools -> click on Task scheduler. Here on the  Task Scheduler window, expand the Task Schedule Library available in the left pane. Next click Microsoft to expand its content and then again do the same for “Windows” to expand its content. Now look for Memory Diagnostic and click on it to display its content on the right pane.

Here Look for the following task “RunFullMemoryDiagnosticEntry” right-click on it and select the Disable option As show bellow image.

disable Run Full Memory Diagnostic Entry
disable Run Full Memory Diagnostic Entry

Once done with this close the Task Scheduler and restart your PC. Look if the bug still persists or has been resolved.

Disable Superfetch Service

Also Some times some windows services ( specially Superfetch, And BITS service ) running on the background can cause different issues, Usage unnecessary system resources which cause High System resource usage problem on windows 10.

The main purpose of superfetch service is to maintain as well as improve the performance of the system over a period. At times, it can be damaging to the Windows system rather than beneficial even though it is a part of the operating system for windows. It can lead to the one hundred percent usage of the disk space at times. You can Disable Superfetch service by fallowing steps below to fix high System resource usage problem on windows 10.

First press Win + R, Then type services.msc and hit the enter key. This will open Windows services scroll down look for Superfetch Service, Double click on it when you found. Here Change the startup type to Disable and Click on Stop button next to Service status if its running as shown bellow image.
disable superfetch service

Again Do the same process with Background Intelligent Transfer (Bits ) and Windows update service. After disabling All three services Simply Restart windows and check on next login The problem System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage is get solved.

Check For Memory Errors

As the problem mainly related to memory ( system and Compressed memory ) After look for virtual memory option and disable Windows services. If still getting the same problem then checking memory module with windows memory diagnostic tool for Errors is a very good solution to fix the system and compressed memory 100% resource usage problem on windows 10. Here check How to run memory diagnostic tool for fix Memory ( RAM ) Errors on windows 10. After run this tool Simply Restart windows and check problem solved.

Optimize Visual Effects

Windows visual effects use system memory, and Many users reported system and compressed memory high resource usage problem resolved after optimizing the visual effects of the computer. To optimize Visual Effects on Windows 10 fallow bellow.

Click on start menu search type Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows and hit enter key. Here under visual effects Tab select radio button  “Adjust for best performance”.

adjust for best performance
adjust for best performance

Now click on Apply and then OK To make save changes. Then Close all windows open and restart the PC. Once done check if the issue still comes up on the device or not.

Fixing Corrupt Files with SFC utility

Corrupted system files can cause different errors and issue on windows computer. And may this System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage is one of them. You can use windows SFC utility to Check for Corrupted system files and this tool will also restore the missing files from a specific cache folder. You can check more About Windows SFC utility Here.

To Run This open command prompt as administrator and type command SFC /scannow then hit enter key to execute the command. This will scan for corrupted system files if found this will restore itselft. you only need to wait untill 100% complete the scanning process then after restart windows and check problem solved.

Run System file checker utility
Run System file checker utility

These are some best working solutions to fix System and Compressed Memory High System Resource usage, 100% Disk Usage by System and Compressed Memory in Windows 10. I hope after apply These solutions your problem will get solved, If still have any query, suggestion about this post feel free to discuss on comments. Also Read from our blog How To Enable or Disable The windows 10 Hibernate Option


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