We couldn’t Complete Updates. Undoing the changes made to your computer (solved)

Here how to fix Windows 10 Unable to complete updates Undoing changes made to your computer or Stuck on We couldn't complete the updates

Well, if you are reading this line on your Windows 10 computer – We couldn’t Complete Updates. undoing changes made to your computer, then you are facing the problem with your Windows 10 where you are getting this message on a blue screen. This problem is usually caused if the Windows update files aren’t downloaded properly or if your system files are corrupt etc. And most of the time, the Windows operating system automatically undo the changes and users will be able to start their Windows without any hassle. However, in some cases, the Windows operating system is unable to handle changes. You may encounter Windows 10 stuck on We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes made to your computer Don’t turn off your computer.

A number of users report this problem after install the Windows update: 

Windows Update finds an update (KB5031356). When I go to shut down or restart, it tries to install the update, but fails to install, giving the error: “We Couldn’t Complete The Update; Undoing Changes”.  It then rolls back the changes. And this happens every time while starting the computer.

Windows update undoing changes made to your computer

In simple words, When you find yourself stuck with this situation every time you restart your computer nothing changes. This problem gets worse when you aren’t able to log in to your Windows and access any fields. This problem can be solved by launching the Advanced Startup screen and boot Windows 10 into safe mode. Once you enter the Advanced Startup screen, you have to apply different solutions to fix your problem. Apart from this solution, there are plenty of other solutions present, some of the interesting solutions are –

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Restore your System from Restore Points

System Restore gets back everything to a saved restore point, but foremost, you have to record it. However, if the Restore point doesn’t exist on your computer, then System Restore has nothing to revert. By creating the restore point, you will be able to bring your system back to the previous working state that’s without affecting your files. If you have created a restore point before the emergence of this error, then it will be very easy to solve this problem without any hassle. To restore your system immediately, you just have to click Troubleshoot by following the steps.

  • As we are unable to enter windows we need to Boot from the installation media,
  • Skip the first screen then next select Repair your Computer,
  • In the Troubleshoot menu, you have to press on the Advanced options.
  • Under the Advanced options menu, you have to select System Restore.

System restore from Advanced options

  • To proceed further, you have to enter your user account password and press Next.
  • If you have created any restore points earlier, then you will see them all here. Now, from the list, you can select the Restore point which suits you the most.
  • Confirm and your computer screen will take you back to the state before the event described in the Description field. If you are satisfied with your selection, then you can press “Finish” and the restoration process will begin.

Startup Repair

This is a Windows Troubleshooting repair that is used when something is stopping Windows to start. Also, it is used when something is damaged or system files are missing and it is getting impossible to fix this blue screen error. To activate this option, you have to go to Advanced Options. The simple way to access Advanced options will be turning your computer off using the power button three times in a row. It means that you have to turn on your computer and once it is turned on, turn it off using the power button. Repeat these steps three times in a row and Windows should automatically open the Advanced Startup (Automatic Repair) screen for you.

Once the Advanced Repair Window is open, then you can click on the Startup Repair option. This option will automatically diagnose the cause of your PC’s problem and will fix your problem. This option can fix most of the problem that prevents Windows start to normally include this Windows update loop “we couldn’t complete the updates undoing changes”

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Windows 10 Startup repair

Use DISM Restore health command

Deployment Image Servicing and Management aka DISM could be used to repair this problem and prepare Windows images. To activate the DSIM scan on your computer system, you first have to open up the Command Prompt. To open Command Prompt, you have to open the Advanced Startup option once again and go to its menu as discussed above and select the Command Prompt. At the Command Prompt page, you have to type the following command – DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth and restart your computer to check whether DSIM has fixed your blue screen problem or not.

Delete the Software Distribution Folder

The Software Distribution folder is a temporary folder present on Windows to store update files until they are not completely downloaded on the system. In the case of the blue screen problem, by removing the Software Distribution folder, you might be able to fix the error. To delete the folder, you have to boot your Windows 10 in Safe Mode. For this, you have to open the Advanced Startup option go to the menu and click on Startup Settings.

In the Startup’s Settings option, you have to further click on Restart. Once your system restarts, then you will be able to select a method to start your Windows. You will see a list of Windows startup options on your screen. To select the method, you can press the number keys on your keyboard or you can use function keys like F1, F2, etc., You can press F5 or only 5 to enable Safe Mode with Networking.

windows 10 safe mode types

Now, to remove the folder, you have to stop a couple of services on your computer by using a few commands. You can type the command prompt and right-click to select the Run as Administrator option. First type net stop wuauserv command and then type the net stop bits. Now, you just have to go to this location – C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution and Select content and by pressing right-click tap over the Delete option from the submenu. And, this will fix your problem after one restart.

Note: You can also rename the SoftwareDistribution as SoftwareDistribution bak

Don’t worry about delete this SoftwareDistribution folder as Windows automatically create a new one when you next time check for Windows updates to download fresh update files from the Microsoft server.

Rename Software Distribution folder

Well, these are a few quick tips to solve “We couldn’t Complete Updates. undoing changes made to your computer ” blue screen error. You can freely try any of the methods and if nothing works for you, then resetting your PC is going to be your last option. But, we hope you don’t have to do that.

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