What is VPN and why You Should Use a VPN in 2024

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network a tool that guarantees your anonymity on the Internet.

A VPN is a great tool that allows Internet users to be more anonymous and secure on the Internet. When you connect to a VPN server it creates an encrypted connection between your PC (or smartphone and tablet) and a server, encrypts your internet connection and hide your IP address so you can browse anonymously. VPN Not only hide your online activities but also bypass Geo-restrictions and allow accessing restricted sites. Again if you are a gaming user or playing online games, using A VPN Enhances your gaming experience and also protects you from malware attacks that could wreak havoc on your system. Here this article covers all the VPN basics you need to know what a Virtual Private Network is as well as why You Should Use a VPN in 2023.

There are multiple Free and paid VPN services available in the market that promise to secure your online activity. The Best VPN download app supports almost all platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, And offers different browser extensions and more. All you need is to download and install the application on your device, then enter your username and password which were sent to you by email when you subscribed and connect to the VPN server.

To keep your browsing private, the only reliable way is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

What is a VPN and how it works?

VPN stands for virtual private network, it’s mainly developed or designed by professionals to Create a secure connection between your computer and the internet. When you connect VPN server, all your internet traffic is encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel so that no one on the outside will be able to see what you’re doing online.

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Also when you connect to a VPN server it disguises your IP address by changing it into the IP address of the VPN server you’re using. Therefore, your real location will no longer be visible on the internet. VPN connection also secure against external attacks allow browsing anonymously and helps you stay private online.

How VPN works?

  • With a VPN server connected, when you open a web page or try to access something on the internet, the software encrypts data traffic and sends it to the VPN server over a secure connection.
  • Next, the VPN server decrypts the encrypted data received from your computer and sends the data back to the Internet and receives a return, intended for the Internet user;
  • The VPN server encrypts the traffic again and sends it to the user, The VPN software installed on the computer decrypts the data so that the user can understand and use it.

How VPN works

Overall this is a perfect tool for those who want to download series or movies, play online video games or watch content outside your geographic area.

VPNs are commonly used to protect your privacy and security when accessing the internet, especially when using public Wi-Fi networks.

Difference Between a VPN and a Proxy

A proxy only masks your IP address and gives you a new IP address so you can bypass Geo-restrictions But it doesn’t encrypt your communication. On the other hand, VPNs not only hide IP addresses but also Create a secure tunnel and all internet traffic routes through the Tunnel are encrypted and incomprehensible to anyone between the two ends of the VPN. Let’s take a look, proxy vs VPN what’s the difference?

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Proxy server

  • Masks IP address
  • Bypass Geo-location restrictions
  • Usually available for Free
  • Can be used for large-scale networks
  • Hides IP address but does not secure data or hide web traffic
  • Only works on a single application at a time
  • Public proxy servers may be slow, unreliable, or unsafe.

VPN server

  • Masks IP address
  • Bypass Geo-location restrictions
  • Added security through data encryption
  • Covers all network traffic
  • Provides a secure way to access a business network remotely.
  • Usually requires a paid subscription (To realize benefits)
  • May drain computer resources
  • Typically not as scalable as proxies.

Advantages of using a VPN

There are multiple benefits of using a VPN on your computer from hide your IP address to bypass Geo-restrictions and encrypting internet traffic to browse anonymously. Protect against data leaks and cyberattacks while on public wifi and against intrusive snoopers such as ISPs or advertisers.

Increased Security on Public Wi-Fi

Public wifi is free to use for anyone, even they are not password-protected. Whenever you are connected to Public wifi in a restaurant or coffee shop, library or your university campus or Airport it might seem harmless but it actually exposes your online activity to potential intruders.

Data sent through public Wi-Fi can easily be intercepted.

Using a VPN protects you from such risks when you connect to a public Wi-Fi network. Because all your data route inside the VPN tunnel and is encrypted, it also VPN hide your IP address and masks your browsing history or other activities that you are doing online.

Avoid Being Monitored By Your ISP

Browsing the Internet without a VPN is like leaving your door open at night. Or it’s like an open invitation for anyone to track or monitor your internet activities even if you’re on a private network. And the biggest threat actually comes from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) they can monitor anything or sell your data to advertisers.

By using a VPN, you stay anonymous while browsing the internet. When you connect to the internet through VPN, it will hide your IP address, All data is encrypted and routed through a secure tunnel. That doesn’t just mean it’s harder for hackers to steal your information no one, even your ISP will not be able to access a user’s log.

Access Any Content from Any Place

Sometimes you may notice certain YouTube video that says This video is not available in your region, Cant access or download content due to Geo-blocking, Or your favorite movie coming to Netflix, but can’t find it on your Netflix app. By using Geo blocking feature popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime offer different content depending on the region you’re based in.

But by using a VPN you can change your location virtually choose any country as your browsing location and access any content available on the web. For example, You’re on the UK but using a VPN you can connect to a USA server and stream USA Netflix programs. Using a VPN not only bypass Streaming services like Netflix content but also it’s possible to access regional sports coverage that is unavailable to your location.

Secure Remote Working

Since covid pandemic, working from home is very popular and most of the employees in admin roles are working from home or remotely. Working inside your office means, your device is connected to a secured LAN network with custom firewalls and security protocols. But you won’t have the same security when working remotely, It means you are putting the company’s confidential files and important client data at risk.

In such cases use A VPN that has data encryption feature to keep your confidential information safe. No matter where you are, your data and information stay protected as long as you’re using the VPN. Using a VPN is also vital if you regularly work from home.

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If you are serious about your online activity and looking for the best possible way to avoid being tracked on the internet, VPN will be one of the best solutions for you. Using VPN not only protects and prevent hackers or Internet Service Provider (ISP) track your Internet activities but also encrypt your data, hide your location, allows access Geo restricted content and more.

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