Microsoft has introduced new windows 10 19h1 (Redstone 6) update for Fast Channel users of Windows Insider with Search and Cortana decoupling, Font Management, Console, Start reliability & More. Also, there is Various bug fixes for File Explorer, frequent bugcheck, black screen, high CPU usage, Display Settings crashing etc. But the Most notable change on the latest build is separating search and voice assistant Cortana in Windows 10. Yes with latest Windows 10 Preview build 18317 Microsoft plans to separate Cortana and search functions on the taskbar. Here the first look Search and Cortana separate locations on the taskbar.

Search and Cortana decoupling

Clicking the search box in the taskbar now launches “the best in-house search experience” and clicking the Cortana icon launches the “voice-first digital assistant experience.” Search and Cortana settings have also been split between the two, along with the familiar group policies.

“This will enable each experience to innovate independently to best serve their target audiences and use cases. Some Insiders have had this update for a few weeks now, and we appreciate all the feedback we’ve received about it so far!” Dona Sarkar, the head of the Windows Insider program, explained.

With the latest 19H1 preview build 18317 Windows 10 start menu has become its own process, called StartMenuExperienceHost.exe.Until now, it was hosted by something called ShellExperienceHost.exe. Also to improve the Start launch time, the company has programmed some changes to prevent Start from suspending.

Now you can drag and drop font files from File Explorer into the modern Fonts page under Settings to install them. And after installation, click on the font to view the different associated font faces and other details. Also, You can uninstall the font from this font details page.

drag and drop font installation

Microsoft has also redesigned Windows Insider Program Settings page (Settings => Update & Security => Windows Insider Program) to get more users to sign up. You can now change your Insider setting under “Pick your Insider settings.”

The Windows Console is also getting a few improvements with build 18317, including:

  • Corrected sizing issues for Linux alt-buffer apps (for example, vim, emacs, etc.) resulting in more reliable resizing.
  • Made ConPTY flush its output buffer before terminating ensuring apps receive all input and display correct output.
  • When running Tmux, correctly restore state after Windows key + D, resulting in Tmux’s last line of text rendering correctly.
  • If using raster fonts, Console now correctly preserves the user’s font after running .NET Core code (which defaults to UTF-8 codepage 65001)
  • Correct how Console scrolls text region, fixing how text is rendered in Linux’ `screen`
  • Significantly improved performance of ConPTY – perf now very close to “raw pipe”

There is plenty of bug fixes on this latest windows 10 19h1 (Redstone 6) build 18317

  • Fixed an issue resulting in File Explorer unexpectedly having a lock on USBs when trying to safely eject them.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in frequent bugchecks (GSODs) in the last two flights, citing an error with bindflt.sys.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in frequent bugchecks (GSODs) in the last flight, citing error KERNEL_LOCK_ENTRY_LEAKED_ON_THREAD_TERMINATION.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in not being able to connect to VMs using Hyper-V console after upgrading to recent flights. This issue also impeded the ability to connect to VMs with Enhanced Sessions enabled.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in some full screen games showing a black screen in recent flights even though they worked in windowed mode.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in CDP User Service periodically unexpectedly using a high amount of CPU in recent flights.
  • Fixed an issue causing text in the Windows Security app to be incorrect or potentially missing altogether.
  • Fixed an issue from recent flights where clicking the network button on the sign-in screen didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in certain devices not being able to wake from hibernation recently. There were two possible symptoms on wake if you were impacted – one was a black screen, one was a screen that continued to say “hibernating…”.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in Display Settings crashing in recent builds. If you were impacted, this would have also had the symptom that clicking System or Ease of Access from the main Settings page may crash Settings.
  • Fixed an issue with certain touch keyboard languages where pressing AltGr + [any key] on the full layout would dismiss the touch keyboard.
  • Fixed an issue where Windows Sandbox wouldn’t launch on PCs with multiple GPUs.
  • When Scan Mode is on and Narrator is on a slider, the left and right arrows will decrease and increase the slider. Up and down arrows will continue to navigate to the previous or next paragraph or item. Home and End will move the slider to the beginning or the end.
  • The Narrator list of headings command now works as expected in Chrome.
  • Improved Narrator support for Microsoft Teams.
  • For cursor and pointer, fixed returning to the right mouse pointers when changing back to the original size and colors.
  • Fixed an issue where some devices would fail to install an update with error code. If you are updating from 18309 or newer this issue will be fixed for this update, if you are updating from a build prior to 18309 it will be fixed for the next update.

Still, there is some known bugs on the latest build, Microsoft have to fix them, Here the complete changelog listed on Microsoft insider blog.

Download Windows 10 Build 18317

If you are windows insider, the latest 19H1 build 18317 Automatically download and install via windows update on your Device. Also you can force Windows update from settings, Update & Settings to forcefully download Windows 10 Build 18317 to enjoy the latest features.

Note: Windows 10 Preview build 18317 is part of the development branch 19H1 that allows to test the new features that will be present in the next major version of Windows 10 and will be presented next spring. As its test builds contains various bugs we recommend not to install these builds on a production machine. Try these builds on Virtual machines.

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