Windows 10 build 17704 (Redstone 5) comes with Improvements to Edge, Skype and Task Manager

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Microsoft Released Windows 10 build 17704 (Redstone 5) for Fast And Skip Ahead Insiders. The latest build comes with many new features for Microsoft Edge, a whole new Skype app, Diagnostic Data Viewer, Typing Insights, Video playback, Windows Security and along with fixes for a lot of issues in Clipboard, Cortana, Game bar, Settings, Narrator, Bluetooth, People flyout, etc.

Alson With These features Microsoft Also Mention on a blog post with build 17704 “now taking Sets offline, in a decision to “continue making the feature great.”

Thank you for your continued support of testing Sets. We continue to receive valuable feedback from you as we develop this feature helping to ensure we deliver the best possible experience once it’s ready for release. Starting with this build, we’re taking Sets offline to continue making it great.

What’s New in Windows 10 build 17704 (Redstone 5)

This update comes with several new enhancements to the Edge browser, enhancements to the Skype for Windows 10 application, new typing insights, and more. Here is the Brief of new Features and improvements introduced on Windows 10 build 17704.

A Huge Improvements on Microsoft Edge Browser

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New Microsoft Edge Beta logo: Starting with build 17704, Microsoft Edge will include a new icon that reads “BETA” to help users visually differentiate between the officially released versions of Microsoft Edge and the builds in which Edge is in continuous development. This logo will only be seen in Insider builds.

New Design Enhancements: Microsoft is adding its new Fluent Design elements to the Edge browser to give it a more natural experience with users finding a new depth effect to the tab bar.

Redesigned “…” Menu and Settings: A new Setting page has been added for Microsoft Edge for users to easily navigate and allow more customization. When clicking on “….” in the Microsoft Edge toolbar, Insiders will now find a new menu command like “New tab” and “New Window”.

Customize Microsoft Edge Toolbar Items: Microsoft has now added the option to customize the icon that appears in the Microsoft Edge toolbar. You can remove them or add as many as you want.

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Control whether media can play automatically or Not: In this new version, you can now decide whether web videos should play automatically or not. You can find this setting under Advanced Settings > Media autoplay.

Using this new feature, you can select the behavior according to your preferences:

  • Allow — is the default option and will continue to play videos when a tab is first viewed in the foreground.
  • Limit — will restrict autoplay to only work when videos are muted. Once you click anywhere on the page, autoplay is re-enabled and will continue to be allowed within that domain in that tab.
  • Block — will prevent autoplay on all sites until you interact with the media content. Note that this may break some sites.
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New icon for PDF: Windows 10 now has a new icon for PDFs in File Manager when Microsoft Edge is the default PDF reader.

Skype Enhancements for Windows 10

With Redstone 5 Build 17704 The Skype application for Windows 10 also received a major update. The new Skype app for Windows 10 offers an improved calling experience, allows you to take snapshots of important moments within a call, customize the themes, and updated contact panel, and much more.

Here’s what’s new on Windows 10 Skype:

  • Best in class calling experience – We’ve added several new calling features to make Skype’s calling experience even better than before.
  • Flexible group call canvas – Customize your group call experience and decide who appears in the main call canvas.  Simply drag and drop people between the call canvas and the overflow ribbon to select who you want to focus on.
  • Take snapshots – Use snapshots to capture images of important moments within a call.  Snapshots make sure you never forget important memories like your grandkid’s funny antics or crucial information like the content that’s been screen shared during a meeting.
  • Easily start screensharing – We’ve made sharing your screen during calls even easier.  Look for the ability to share your screen with the top-level call controls.
  • New layout – based on your feedback, we’ve made your contacts easier to access and view
  • Customizable themes – Choose a color and theme for your Skype client through your application settings.
  • And much more – Improvements to our media gallery, notifications panel, @mentions experience, and more!

In addition to all the latest enhancements, with this update, you can expect more frequent improvements to your Skype for Windows 10 experiences going forward via updates from the Microsoft Store.

Diagnostic Data Viewer Improved

The diagnostic data viewer now shows error reports (crashes and other health problems) that have been sent or will be sent to Microsoft. Small changes have touched the application interface – now users can view snippets of data by category (to the right of the search bar), and the export function is moved to the upper-right corner of the window.

It also lets you see the Common Data, Device Connectivity and Configuration, certain browsing history, and much more. The Diagnostics viewer app is available via the Microsoft Store to provide full transparency to Windows 10 users.

A better way to watch videos outside

A new light sensor has been added to your device which helps you to detect ambient light automatically to help improve your visibility of the video. You can go to Settings>Apps > Video playback, and turn on “Adjust video based on lighting”. To make this feature work you would need to have a light sensor, to check the same go to the “Display Settings” in the Settings app. If you have the option to turn on Auto-brightness, you most likely have a light sensor.

Note: To operate this function, an ambient light sensor must be installed on your device.

Typing Insights

A New Typing Insights option has now been added which will show you the stats about how the AI technology has been helping you type with efficiency, and apparently, it works only on devices with the software keyboard. You can go to Settings > Devices > Typing and click on the “View typing insights” link to see them. The software keyboard uses artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to increase productivity by automatically correcting spelling errors, predicting words and hints. Text input boxes now use the new CommandBarFlyout control, which allows you to cut, copy and paste the content into text fields using touch input, use formatted text, and get other enhancements such as animation, Acrylic effects, and depth support.

Installing fonts without administrator rights

On Previous Builds Windows 10 required administrator privileges To install fonts on PC. But with Windows 10 April 2018 Update, the fonts appeared in the Microsoft Store, and they no longer require administrator permissions to install them. Now Microsoft has expanded this feature: files obtained from other sources can now “Install for all users” (requires administrator rights) or “Install” (any user will be able to install the font for personal use).

Improved Windows Security

On the “Windows Security” application, the “Current Threats” section has been improved. Where Microsoft Added a new option “Block suspicious actions“, moved the option “Controlled access to folders” and added a new tool for assessing the status of Windows Time Service. The application “Windows Security” gets close integration with other installed applications to protect the PC, the user can run them directly from the system application.

Power consumption in the Task Manager

Task Manager now has two new columns in the Processes tab which show the energy impact of the running process on the system. This should help to understand which apps and services are using the maximum power versus the least power-hungry apps. The metric takes processor, graphics, and drive into evaluation when calculating power usage.

  • Power usage — This column will provide an instantaneous view of apps and services using power.
  • Power usage trend — This column provides a power usage trend over two minutes for each running apps and service. This column will be blank when you start an app but will populate based on the power usage every two minutes.
  • Display Settings UI has now received some tweaks to the Make text bigger section which can be found in the Settings>Ease of Access>Display Setting.
  • Microsoft is introducing Quick Actions to allow users to easily Go Home, view the time, or launch Mixed Reality Capture tools. To launch Immersive Application Quick Actions users would need to press the Windows key.
  • The New Microsoft Font Maker app has now been introduced which lets users use their pen to create a custom font based on the nuances of the handwriting. The app is currently available via the Microsoft Store.

A complete list of improvements, changes, and known bugs is available in the official announcement on the Microsoft website.

Download Windows 10 build 17704 (Redstone 5)

If you are already running Windows Insider Preview build, then the Windows 10 build 17704 will automatically get download and installed or you can manually install them from Settings> Update and Security menu and click Check for Updates. To complete the installation, you will need to restart the computer.

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