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Windows 10 Build 18277.100 (rs_prerelease) brings brightness slider on Action Center


Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 19H1 test build 18277 for Windows Insiders in Fast Ring that adds a couple of new settings options – Such as related to DPI/blurry applications and another in Windows Defender Application Guard. Also add Improvements on Focus Assist, Action Center, and Introduce new Emoji 12 and various bug fixes.

What’s the new Windows 10 Build 18277?

With the latest Windows 10 Build 18277.100 (rs_prerelease) Microsoft added a new Focus Assist (formerly Quiet Hours) setting which will allow users to opt to turn on Focus Assist automatically whenever they are using an app in full-screen mode. To enable this option, you would need to go to Settings > System > Focus Assist > Customize Priority List and check the box.

The Action Center now comes with a brightness slider rather than a button and you can now customize Quick actions from within the Action Center, saving you time. Microsoft said

“One of the most popular requests it gets for Action Center is to make the Brightness “quick action” a slider instead of a button. Now it is. “

Emoji 12 is coming to Windows 10, and Microsoft says it’s currently working on implementing a refined back for 19H1 users.

The complete list of emoji for the Emoji 12 release is still in Beta, so Insiders may notice a few changes over the coming flights as the emoji are finalized. We have a bit more work to do, including adding search keywords for the new emoji and adding a few emoji that aren’t finished yet.

The latest 19H1 Build now enabled by default a setting that will reduce the number of times users see the “Fix blurry apps” notification. Microsoft will automatically try to fix certain desktop apps running on users’ main displays unless a user turns off the “Fix scaling for apps” setting. This change is part of Microsoft’s ongoing quest to try to fix the DPI settings for Win32 apps running on Windows.

And with the latest Insider preview build 18277 Microsoft has added a new toggle to Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge. This toggle allows users to manage access to their cameras and microphones while browsing. Microsoft says

If this is managed by enterprise admins, users can check how this setting is configured. For this to be turned on in Application Guard for Microsoft Edge, the camera and microphone setting must already be turned on for the device in Settings > Privacy > Microphone & Settings > Privacy > Camera.

Also, there are many bug fixes that Microsoft have fixed for issues reported from earlier flights that include,

An issue causing WSL to not work in Build 18272, text not rendering on the screen has a large number of OTF fonts,  the Task view failed to show the + button under New Desktop, Settings crashing and Timeline crashing explorer.exe if users pressed ALT+F4 has now been fixed

An issue where the expected context menu wouldn’t appear after right-clicking on a folder in File Explorer from a network location, home page of Settings not showing the scrollbar, Emoji Panel reliability, playing videos might unexpectedly show a few frames in the wrong orientation when maximizing the window after changing the orientation of the screen has now been fixed.

some Insiders experiencing bug checks (green screens) with the error KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in the previous flight and certain devices might hit a bug check (GSOD) when shutting down or when switching from a Microsoft account to a local admin account.

There are several known issues that include 

  • Some users will notice the update status cycling between Getting Things Ready, Downloading, and Installing. This is often accompanied by error 0x8024200d caused by a failed express package download.
  • PDFs opened in Microsoft Edge may not display correctly (small, instead of using the entire space).
  • We’re investigating a race condition resulting in blue screens if your PC is set up to dual boot. If you’re impacted the workaround is to disable dual boot for now, we’ll let you know when the fix flights.
  • The hyperlink colors need to be refined in Dark Mode in Sticky Notes if the Insights are enabled.
  • Settings page will crash after changing the account password or PIN, we recommend using the CTRL + ALT + DEL method to change the password
  • Due to a merge conflict, the settings for enabling/disabling Dynamic Lock are missing from Sign-in Settings. We’re working on a fix, appreciate your patience.

If you have enrolled For windows insider builds, The latest preview build 18277 automatically gets download and installed on your Device via windows update. Also, you can force Windows update to install the latest build 18277 from Settings, Update & Security. Here from windows update click on check for updates. Also read How To Setup And Configure an FTP server on Windows 10.

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