Windows 11 “moment” 2 update released what’s new features

Windows 11 moment 2 update brings Bing AI, iPhone support for Phone Link, third-party widgets, ability to search Task Manager, video recording in Snipping Tool and more

Windows 11 moment update

Today Microsoft has released Windows 11 build 22621.1413 (KB5023706) as ‘Moment 2’ March 2023 update that follows the preview version of the update, which was curiously released on Tuesday, February 28. The highly anticipated Windows 11 moment 2 release brings several new features including AI-powered Bing Chat in windows search, a tablet-optimized taskbar, a video recording option in Snipping Tool, iPhone support for Phone Link, a search option in Task Manager, and more. Here in this post, we discuss how to download the windows 11 moment 2 update and what are new features and improvements included.

Download the windows 11 moment 2 update

Windows 11 KB5023706 is available as part of the march 2023 patch Tuesday update, that downloads or installs automatically. If you are interested in the above new features, you can install windows 11 moment 2 update from settings -> windows update and check for the updates button.


windows 11 KB5023706

Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows 11 KB5023706 offline installers to make the process easier. Once Windows 11 KB5023706 is installed you need to reboot your PC to apply the changes and use the new features. And windows 11 version will change to Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.1344.

Windows 11 KB5023706 Direct Download Links: 64-bit. Once downloaded run the .msu installer to install and apply the changes.

Windows 11 build 22621.1413

Windows 11 KB5023706 is similar to a monthly cumulative update, but it is optional and brings a number of new features so it’s larger in size. Well, if you won’t install Windows 11 KB5023706 manually or skip the update, then all the new features bring to you on the March patch Tuesday update which is mandatory and set to arrive on march 14 2023.

Windows 11 moment 2 update Features

The Latest Windows 11 KB5023706 moment 2 update brings a number of new changes, features, and improvements to windows 11 22H2. Some of them include Bing AI Chat integration in the Taskbar, Taskbar designed for tablets, Revamped Chat (Microsoft Teams) feature in Taskbar and more. Here is an official video overview of what the windows 11 22H2 moment update offers.

AI-powered Bing chat

The highlight of this windows 11 moment 2 update is AI-powered Bing integration to search functionality on windows 11. Microsoft has now powered up the Windows 11 taskbar with Bing AI. To use this feature, click on the search box present on the taskbar, and type in what you want, the Bing AI will display the results the right way with the search box itself.

“Soon hundreds of millions of Windows 11 users can get access to this incredible new technology to search, chat, answer questions and generate content from right on their Windows taskbar.”

AI-powered Bing in taskbar

Phone Link app now supports Apple iPhones

Till now Microsoft phone link app supports Android devices to link their phone with windows PC and manage text messages and make phone calls from PC. Now the phone link app updated to support Apple iPhone devices this feature is now in beta and sometimes the feature fully rolls out to all windows PCs soon or later.

phone link app support iPhone

If you have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the new Phone Link makes it easier to activate your phone’s hotspot with a single click from within the Wi-Fi network list on your PC. Today’s update also brings a ‘Recent Websites’ feature aimed at making it easy for users to bring their tabs from a mobile device to PC.

Windows Studio Effects Quick Settings tile

With the windows 11 moment 2 update for version 22H2, Microsoft has added a quick setting tile for windows studio effects, make it easy for users to enable effects for microphones and webcams.

For those who don’t know, Windows Studio Effects is a feature that lets users enhance their visual and audio experience when on calls or video meetings.

You can access the quick settings file head over to the bottom right corner of the taskbar and you will be able to control settings like the background effect, automatic framing, and eye contact.

Windows Studio Effects settings

Notepad gets a tabbed interface

Last year with the moment 1 update Microsoft brought tabs to files explorer on windows 11. And now you can enjoy the same feature/interface on Notepad. users can now open multiple instances of the Notepad app by simply clicking on the + icon to open more tabs of the Notepad app.

The latest version of the Notepad app let users open multiple files in the same window and also brings in some changes like a new indicator for unsaved changes along with some other design tweaks.

In Windows 11 moment 2 update Notepad now gets support for multiple tabs.

Notepad with tabs

The snipping tool can now record screen as well

With today’s update, Microsoft updated the snipping tool adding the ability to record desktop Screens. Yes, apart from just taking screenshots you can now screen record your desktop right away. Choose a particular window itself to screen record it without having to worry about other apps poping up while screen recording. Once the recording is complete you can preview save and share the clip. Recordings are stored using the MP4 file format, and you can record both an area of the screen and the whole screen.

Note- Microsoft noted, the Snipping tools screen recording capability does not include audio recording features.

Snipping tool record video

Third-party widget support

And finally, with today’s update, Microsoft enables support for third-party apps on windows 11. While some apps like Spotify, Xbox and Messenger already have new widgets, more developers are expected to jump ship since now all Windows developers can make a widget for their app.

Tablet-Optimized Taskbar

With today’s update, Microsoft introduces a tablet-optimized taskbar for Windows tablet users. With this new feature, the Windows 11 taskbar will automatically collapse when you disconnect or fold back your keyboard on a 2-in-1 PC. Then, when you wish to use the taskbar, you can simply swipe up to display a taskbar optimized for touch.

This feature can be enabled by going to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > behaviors and configuring “Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as tablet.”

Search on task manager

Windows 11 task manager which can open using Ctrl + shift + Esc key on the keyboard displays information on applications and processes on your computer. The task manager now get a Search box on the top side of the window that helps to quickly find the processes you want to kill or want more information about.

Search tab in task manager

Today’s update also includes a redesigned Quick Assist app that lets you remotely help others or receive help with technical issues, even if your device is behind a firewall.

A new modern System Tray lets you drag and drop icons from the hidden notification tray easily.

In addition, Laptop users may appreciate the new energy recommendations shown in the Settings app when accessing System > Power & battery > Energy recommendations.

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