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Helpful Small Business Email Features You Should Check Out

Here are some helpful business email features to consider when you’re searching for an email provider.

The average business receives more than 60 or 70 emails per day, and sends at least 30. With all the time that goes into emailing during your workday, you need an email app that helps filter out spam, streamlines your communications, and improves collaboration. In other words, the business email platform you choose should have features that help you get more done in less time. Here are some helpful Business email features to consider when you’re searching for an email provider.

Business email features

Traditional email clients waste your time by flooding your regular inbox with promotional emails, newsletters, and other low-priority messages, while threads are cluttered, repetitive, and hard to skim for key information. All of this wasted time results in lost productivity. Fortunately, there are email clients out there with features tailored to professionals, which can help put you back in control of your time and optimize your workflows. When you’re looking for a new email client for your business needs, check to make sure it has all the features on this list.

Conversational email

There are some inherent problems with traditional Mac and Windows email formats. For instance, email threads quickly become repetitive and cluttered, making it a hassle to read the latest replies or find specific pieces of information. Conversational email is a new way of looking at emails that turn emails in your inbox into chat-style conversations. This eliminates all the unnecessary noise from your inbox and makes reading and replying to emails much more natural — just like sending a text or an instant message.

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Using a conversational email app, such as Spike, gets rid of stiff formalities and turns your email threads into natural, flowing dialogues. This facilitates better communication and collaboration, allowing you to do business more efficiently.

Priority email filtering

Sifting through a full inbox takes time, especially if you get a lot of marketing and promotional content delivered regularly. This time could be better spent elsewhere, which is why you should use a business email app with a priority filtering feature.

A priority inbox automatically shows you only the most important emails, such as those from clients and colleagues, and files the low-priority stuff away in another folder for you to deal with later. That way, you’re not distracted by things you don’t need to see during your workday and it’s faster to read and reply to vital business emails.

Built-in video meetings

Professional email apps shouldn’t only allow you to send and receive emails. They should also have other built-in features that provide alternative ways to communicate and collaborate, such as video conferencing. The fewer different apps and tools you use to do business, the better, and having multiple functionalities, like a video meeting tool, built into your email is a real time saver and productivity hack. 

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When you use an email program with built-in video conferencing, you can start a quick team meeting from your inbox instead of having to open up and sign in to another platform. This is especially useful if you want to verbally discuss something brought up in an email instead of replying to it via another email.

Collaborative notes

Collaborative online notes are another super useful feature to look for in a business email app. These allow you to note down important pieces of information while reading messages for quick reference later on. Then, you can share and collaborate on the notes in real time with other people on your team. For example, if a client emails you a request, you can write out some key bullet points to sum it up and share the note with any of your colleagues who need to be involved.

Tasks and to-do lists

To-do lists are a great way to keep track of all the individual tasks required for specific business projects. Having this feature built into your email is a great way to unify all your workflows and minimize the amount of time you have to spend switching back and forth between different screens and apps.

With such features, a professional email app can function as an all-in-one workspace and project management tool. If you get your whole team on board with the same platform, it allows everyone to see who is responsible for what and helps with workflow optimization.

Advanced search functionality

Your inbox stores all kinds of information, but it can be hard to find specific information in old emails. That’s why you need a business email platform that allows you to search for emails by keyword, subject, sender, and other identifying factors.

With an advanced search feature, you don’t have to waste time scrolling through pages of emails in your inbox to find a certain attachment, file, link, or other key information. Being able to instantly find old emails puts you back in control of your time and boosts your productivity.

Calendar syncing

Another great feature to look for in your business email tool is the ability to sync multiple calendars in the app. That way, you can keep track of all your personal and professional dates and deadlines, without having to log in to your different accounts to check separate calendars.

Group chat

Instant messaging with multiple people at once is another important ability to have at your fingertips for doing business. It allows you to create chat groups for different projects, teams, or topics to improve communication and collaboration at your company, ultimately allowing you to get more done, faster.

File previewing

You may often find yourself browsing through old emails to find a file that someone sent you, but you might not always be able to tell what a file is just by its name. With an email attachment previewing feature, you get a glimpse at what file is actually in an attachment without having to waste time downloading or opening it up.

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