Fix windows store app installation error 0x80073cf9

Getting This app couldn’t be installed error 0x80073cf9, While Install Apps from windows App Store ? This Error prevents you from installing the app and it will give you two options. To either try again the installation or to cancel the installation in Windows 8 or Windows 10. Number of users Report They getting this Something happened and this app couldn’t be installed error 0x80073cf9 Error, After Install Recent Windows update installation.

Fix store app installation error 0x80073cf9

If you are also Having same issue while install / update Windows store Apps Here we have some working solutions to fix this. This Error mostly occur If a folder by the name of AUInstallAgent is missing on your C:\Windows folder, some times Corrupted store cache, missing system files can also Cause This Error.

Make Sure Windows update Service running

Most of Times, Personally i Face This problem While install any app from Windows store installation fail with Error 0x80073cf9, After perfrom different troubleshooting Last i found Windows update Service is not running, After Start the Windows update service when try to install apps from Windows store I didnt Get any Error.

I recommend to check first Widows update service is running, If its running then refresh the service with Restart. To do this Press Win + R, Type Services.msc and hit enter key. Here on Windows services scroll down and look for Windows update service, If its running Right click on it and select Restart. If its not running then double clikc on it change the startup type automatic, The start the service next to service startus. Now try to install apps form windows store.

Log out from Windows 10 Store and login again

Also number of windows usres report After logout and login again On Windows store help them to fix error 0x80073cf9. To do this open windows store app,click your Microsoft account picture (which appears right next to the search box), and then click your Microsoft account name/email address. When you see the following Account dialog, click on your Microsoft account email address to see Sign out option and restart the windows.

After system restart open Windows store app, click on Microsoft Account picture you will get option t sign in, Put your Microsoft ID and password to login. Again try to download any app from app store hope this helps.

Check Region / Time and Date

Also check  Region / Time and Date to fix error 0x80073cf9 windows 10. If your time, date and region are not correct, You may face it. So, Correct them all. To do it-Navigate to Control Panel > Clock, Language, and Region And open the needed functions to correct them. After doing it, Restart your PC and check if you are still facing the problem.

Reset Windows Store

Also try to Reset the Windows 10 Store. this is a store related error and For any store related error you must reset the cache of Windows store. To reset windows store fallow the steps bellow.

Open Run by pressing Windows Key + R Type wsreset and press Enter this will poput the command and execute it. when this completed store app will open that’s it.

reset store cache
reset store cache

Now, Try to install your desired app and see if you still face the problem. If it does work, It will be a great thing.

Create AUInstallAgent / AppReadiness Folder

It is another effictive way to fix windows store error 0x80073CF9. From Microsoft forum i will found some users fix the problem with Create (if it doesn’t exist already) the folder C:\Windows\AppReadiness. To do this just open the System drive for me its C drive then open windows folder and look for the folder named AppReadiness  and AUInstallAgent. 

Create AUInstallAgent folder
Create AUInstallAgent folder

You may see any of them are missing. So, Create the missing folder manually. right click and create a new folder and rename it to AppReadiness and AUInstallAgent. That’s it close the windows and reboot the system and on restart everything worked as expected. Now, Try to install any app from store and see if you are still encountering the problem.

Reset Software Distribution folder

Windows Software Distribution folder Store Important Windows update related files, If this Files get corrupted then you may also face Error on Windows Store app installation. Rename the Software Distribution folder by fallowing steps and let windows to create a new one with fresh files.

Open command prompt as administrator, first stop Windows update related services using net stop wuauserv command. Then type command rename c:\windows\SoftwareDistribution softwaredistribution.old to rename the Software Distribution folder to Software Distribution.old. Again Restart the update service using command net start wuauserv , Then open Windows Store and try to install any app hope this time you didnt get any error.

Delete OLE Folder from Registry

Also Some users Suggest Delete the ole folder on windows registry help them to fix error 0x80073CF9.  Note : we recommend Take Backup of windows registry before delete any folder or key.

Press Win + R, Type regedit and press Enter. When the registry edit window opens navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft

You will see the OLE folder. Just backup it and delete it from the registry Editor. Restart windows, Then open store app and try to install any app.

Run system file checker

Also corrupted system files cause This error 0x80073cf9 while install windows store apps. We recommend To scan and restore missing, damaged system files using sfc utility. To run this tool open Command prompt As administrator Then type command sfc /scannow and hit enter key.

system file checker tool

This will start scanning process for missing, damaged sytem files. if found any sfc utility restore them from A special folder located on %WinDir%\System32\dllcache. If this Error happen due to corrupt missing or damaged system files this system file check can help to fix this error. Simply Wait until 100% complete the scanning process then Restart windows. Now open Windows store and try to install any app from there, Hope this time install without any Error.

Restore your system previous state

If all above methods fails to fix This app couldn’t be installed error 0x80073cf9, Its time to utilize the system restore feature, Which revert back your system to previous working state where windows and store app working without any error. check How to perform systme restore on Windows 10.

These are the best working solutions to fix Windows Store App installation Error  0x80073cf9, This app couldn’t be installed error 0x80073cf9 Etc on Windows 10. I hope after apply these solutions your problem will get solved, Still have any query, suggestion Feel free to comment bellow. Also Read from our blog Fix proxy server not responding Error on Windows 10.