Windows 10 19H1 build 18247.1(rs_prerelease) Available now!

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Windows 10 October 2018 Update is live now and Microsoft starts focusing on the next major update for the operating system Expected in the upcoming Spring 2019. And today company released Windows 10 19H1 build 18247.1(rs_prerelease) for both Fast and Skip Ahead Rings. This is the first build of Windows 10 19H1 that arrives in the Fast Ring. That introduces new changes in the Settings app to configure advanced Ethernet IP and your own DNS server settings, new Network icon, and Ebrima font. Along with this today’s preview build includes a bunch of other changes, improvements, and fixes in everything from the Task Manager to Windows Hello.

What’s the new Windows 10 build 18247?

As the 19H1 Preview build is the very early stage of development, we can already see the first changes that are beginning to arrive in the system. One of the novelties of this new version, besides the most interesting, is the possibility of changing the IP of our computer from the Configuration menu in a much simpler way than from the TCP / IP properties as it is done right now. Microsoft explained:

You can now use the Settings app to configure advanced Ethernet IP settings. We have added support for configuring a static IP address as well as setting a preferred DNS server. These settings were previously accessed within Control Panel, but you will now find them on the connection properties page under IP settings.


This build also introduces a new icon that is displayed when there is no Internet connection. This new icon appears as a globe, with a smaller stop symbol overlaid over it as seen below.

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This preview also introduces the Windows Ebrima font to read your ADLaM documents and websites. According to Microsoft: “ADLaM is enabling literacy and growing in use for commerce, education, and publishing across western Africa. It was added to Unicode in Unicode 9.0. The Ebrima font also supports other African writings systems N’ko, Tifinagh, Vai, and Osmanya.”

With the latest 19H1 preview build Microsoft added a microphone icon in the system tray which appears when your microphone is in use.

In the Registry, when pressing F4, you’ll see a caret at the end of the address bar, expanding the autocomplete dropdown.

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Now The corresponding Ethernet adapter name will now be listed in the sidebar under the “Ethernet” header so you can easily differentiate Ethernet entries at a glance if there’s more than one.

Bug fixed on Windows 10 build 18252

  • An issue causing Task Manager to report inaccurate CPU usage, Task Manager blink constantly and weirdly while expanding “Background processes” Now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where when using dark mode File Explorer’s context menu had an unexpectedly thick white border in recent builds.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Narrator to crash when reading by line in a Command Prompt. And Narrator did not read out the Windows Security application name in the Shell Notification area (Systray) and only read the recommended actions.
  • An issue resulting in the advanced startup pages not rendering text correctly, now fixed.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in Windows Hello not working on the login screen in the previous build (instead of logging in it would prompt you to enter a pin).

There are also three known issues, Microsoft explained

We’re investigating an issue resulting in Settings crashing when invoking actions on certain pages. This impacts multiple settings, including:

  • In Ease of Access, when clicking “Apply” on Make Text Bigger the Settings app will crash and the text size will not be applied.
  • In Windows Security, when clicking hyperlinks the Settings app will crash.
  • Entering the wrong PIN can show an error and stop further attempts from logging in again until the computer has been restarted.
  • If you are a Mixed Reality User, you might be impacted the by “Inbox Apps launching issue” mentioned above. As a workaround please un-install the Mixed Reality Portal app and re-install it from the store to get the app back to a working state.

Download Windows 10 build 18252

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Users enrolled for fasting and skip ahead option Windows 10 build 18252 update is available immediately for them, And the preview builds automatically downloads on your device. Also, you can always force the update from Settings > Update & security >  Windows Update and click the Check for updates button.

Microsoft is listing the complete set of improvements, fixes, and known issues for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 18252 at the Windows Blog.

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