Google Chrome High CPU usage on windows 10/11

Google Chrome, the world's most popular web browser, can sometimes cause high CPU, memory or 100% disk usage on your Windows 10 PC. Check out some useful solutions here!

Google Chrome, is the world’s most popular web browser, in terms of features, user interface, and pretty much everything with Fewer errors. But Sometimes Users report Windows 10 PC/Laptop Freezes and become unresponsive while opening the Google Chrome browser. Or High CPU, memory or 100% Disk usage By Google Chrome Browser while browsing web pages on a PC or Laptop. If you are also struggling with Chrome high CPU usage problem on Windows 10, here are some solutions for you.

Why does Chrome use so much CPU?

Various reasons can cause Google Chrome high CPU usage, 100% disk or memory usage. As Virus malware infection, malicious Chrome extensions, poorly designed extensions, or the Browser itself gets corrupted/outdated etc causes Google Chrome to use up too much CPU or memory on your System.

Whatever the reason apply the solutions below to fix Google Chrome high CPU usage 100% Disk or memory usage applicable to Windows 10/11 computers / Laptops.

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Fix Google Chrome High CPU usage

As discussed Virus malware infection, corrupted Cache, Cookies, Browser history, etc cause the Chrome browser to unresponsive and start using High System resources such as 100% Disk, Memory or CPU. First, perform a full system scan with the latest updated antivirus /antimalware to make sure that Virus/ Malware infection not causing the issue.

Install third-party system optimizers like Ccleaner to clean temporary files, cookies, cache junk data etc to optimize system performance. And fix broken missing registry errors.

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser
  2. type  chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address bar and hit the enter key.
  3. Select the Advanced tab, Change the time range to all-time tick on all the options, and click on Clear Data as shown image below.

clear browsing data

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  • Again on Chrome browser address bar
  • type chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings?origin=userclick.
  • Then click on the Reset button to reset the Google Chrome settings.
  • Now close Google Chrome completely.

Press Windows + R to Open RUN and type this command   %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\ and then click on OK. It will open a new window. Now, Find the folder “Default”. You can delete it. But, I recommend you to rename it as default.backup or something else. It will allow you to restore your Chrome data when you need it.

Make sure the Chrome browser is updated, To check and install the latest updates open the Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/help on the address bar. This will check and install updates.

Also, Download and Install the Chrome Cleanup Tool on the official website. Click Scan and this tool will automatically remove unusual add-ons, startup pages, tabs etc.

Now restart Windows And open Google Chrome Browser check This time There is no High CPU usage problem.

Chrome Task Manager to find out what causing the issue

Google Chrome browser comes with an inbuilt Task Manager which allows monitoring how much CPU and memory web pages, extensions, and Google processes are using while Chrome is running on your computer.

In order to open Google Chrome Task Manager, First open the Chrome browser then press the combination of Shift + Escape (Shift + Esc) keys together. On the task manager, you will see the resources which a web page is taking. High CPU usage and the resources which are taken by the web pages can lead to Google Chrome’s high memory usage.

Google Chrome Task Manager

Now, you have to check the web pages which are consuming a lot of RAM or memory. Check and remove the ones that are taking a lot of memory.

Remove Google Chrome Extensions

If you have installed a lot of Google Chrome extensions, you can disable or delete them one by one and then restart your Chrome browser and see if the Chrome high CPU usage is fixed or not.

To Disable or Remove Chrome Extensions Open Chrome Browser and Type chrome://extensions/ hit the enter key. This will display all installed extension lists. Simply turn off the toggle to temporarily disable the Extension or click on the Remove option to completely delete the Extensions one by one. Then restart your Chrome browser and see if the Chrome high CPU usage is fixed or not.

Chrome extensions

Re-Install Chrome Browser

If all above failed to fix the problem then simply reinstall the Chrome browser to get a fresh start. To do this Press Windows + R, type appwiz.cpl and click ok. This will open the programs and features window, Here right-click on Chrome and select uninstall.

Restart Windows, Now visit and download the latest Chrome browser and install the same. Hope This time you didn’t face any problems related to Google Chrome.

Tips To Avoid google chrome high CPU usage

Keep fewer tabs open. In Chrome, every additional tab is another process on your system, which means that each open tab increases the burden on your CPU. Tabs that are heavy on JavaScript and/or Flash elements are particularly bad.

Don’t install unnecessary extensions: Always avoid installing unnecessary Extensions. Install The Chrome Extension if you really need it. Sometimes poorly coded, or it might just have a bug, on Extensions cause Different problems on the Chrome browser.

Disable hardware acceleration. The hardware acceleration setting allows Chrome to share heavy processing loads between your CPU and your GPU, but it doesn’t always work well. In fact, sometimes it causes Chrome to use more CPU. Try disabling it and seeing if that helps.

That’s all, applying these solutions most of the causes fix Google Chrome high CPU usage, 100% disk memory usage etc. If still, you notice 100% CPU usage high system resource usage or Chrome browser running slow Here is How to make Google Chrome faster on Windows 10.

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